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Uiuc Essay

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Selection of the Three Components
We are going to evaluate three components of the student quality control system at UIUC (see Appendix 1): authenticity of the information, dedication of employees, and technology. These components covers the major parties and tools involved in the control system. Firstly, the authenticity of information provided by applicants is the fundamental premise of the whole system and ensures the validity and quality of the data. Secondly, the employees in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions are the receivers in the control process. After the information are sent by the applicants, the office has to make sure that all the employee will dedicate to their work and responsibilities. Last, technology is considered the connection between the beginning (applicants) and the ending (employees) of the control system. The evaluation of this link is essential because all parties requires the support of technology to smoothe the entire student quality control process. These control system surrounding the components utilizes system thinking in that the components are highly dependent on one another. The interrelationship between them can produce a synergistic effect that will lead to proper functioning of the control system. This system is always evolving based on the type of environment that the market is in.
Application Evaluation Process
There are three components to be evaluated in this process, including the authenticity of the information, dedication of employees, and technology. We follow the Objective-Risk-Control Framework for each of the three components. Each of the objectives can be sorted into a category of control objectives: effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability of internal and external reporting, and compliance with laws, regulations, and policies.
Authenticity of the information
The first objective is to ensure that all information received is accurate and present authentic information of each applicant. This falls into the category of reliability of internal and external reporting. The OUA wants all incoming information to be as valid and complete as possible.
Information asymmetry always exists between applicants, who know all relevant information, and the OUA, who evaluates applicants solely based on the selected information presented. Adverse selection, which happens when applicants abuse the right to provide selected information, is the most concerning risk that can jeopardize the evaluation process. For example, applicants can report fabricated personal statements about past...

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