Uk And Germany: A Cultural Perspective

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In modern market place, with fewer borders, the majority of the businesses, not only large corporations but also medium enterprises, have gone outside of their home countries and are looking for opportunities in overseas markets. Companies choose different approaches to enter and operate in the foreign markets. Some join their forces with non-competitors through merges, others expand through acquisitions.As a result of this joint ventures and alliances business people from different cultures are brought together to a single table to build up common strategy and find ways for successful collaboration. In order to facilitate fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership between companies from different cultures and people within them, employees, mainly at the higher managerial levels, should be willing to develop an approach for cooperation and dealing with each other.In order to establish such form of relationship the knowledge of cultural distinctive features and understanding the point of view of opposite party play very important role. Knowing the reason and explanation behind certain actions and forms of communications will also help avoiding misinterpretation which in business world can be very important and cost a contract or gainful partnership. Though conducting cultural analysis will only enable to get a general picture of people's behavior and their core business values, it will contribute a great deal in establishing cross-cultural relationships and smoothing many related issues.Presented case study we will attempt to analyze differences in operating between German and British companies and challenges that managers of those companies are likely to face when dealing with each other.It is important to note that differences in cultural perspectives among UK and German management starts from the role of education and age group of the managers. In Germany about two thirds of managers and supervisors, apart from general management education, have undergone Meister training which includes such subjects as logistics, organizational methodology and leadership, and is considered to be a base for efficiency and productivity in German companies. In addition to that, many German managers also have technical background on the area of their specialization. In contrast, British firms do not really have any equivalent of Miester certificate and few managers have technical degree. Professional criteria such as level of skills and amount of experience are the most important in German companies, while British firms give more preferences to those individuals who they feel can contribute more to the company at individual level and who also demonstrates potential, competence and leadership qualities. In terms of age, German managers are normally older with wider knowledge and experience generated from working in the same company for long period of time. In UK in contrast, more than half of the directors and managers are younger generation in their late...

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