Vladimir Putin And The Ukraine Crisis

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“All the Germans that were ... in places like Czechoslovakia and Romania and other places, Hitler kept saying, ‘They’re not being treated right. I must go and protect my people,’ and that’s what’s gotten everybody so nervous.”
- Hillary Clinton, Former Secretary of State.
Russian agression in Crimea and East Ukraine so far has been unpunished by America and her European allies, even though Russian “President” Vladimir Putin’s regime is so similar to the dictators of the past. So, does the aggressive behavior visible today warrant any action? It seems that the answer of America is no. While there is a good argument for diplomacy in this situation, it is still necessary to have some kind of intervention in Ukraine due to the danger of history repeating itself, to prevent Putin and by extension Russia from getting too much power, and to save Ukraine and democracy. Although the United States is taking steps towards a global (USA and Europe) involvement in Ukraine through more sanctions on Russia. Even though many people disagree with foreign intervention, the Ukraine crisis is just too urgent and important to ignore.
Historical precedents show that that Putin may be on a similar path as dictators in the past. Putin already has the propaganda machine necessary, and has even made many Eastern Ukrainian citizens in territory occupied by Russian separatists believe that their government is comprised of neo-Nazis who seek to massacre its people. According to The Independent, a British nespaper, Putin has even awarded the prestigious “Order of Service to the Fatherland” medal to more than 300 journalists for their “objective coverage” of the Crimea crisis, showing how Russian state propaganda is becoming more and more of a formalized process. While there are no daily patriotic marches, as occurred in Nazi Germany, this could be the beginning of a state where only Putin is right and the rest of the world is comprised of devils. The annexation of Crimea, a region most Western powers still consider to be occupied by Russia, has disturbing parallels to the Anschluss, where the people of Austria supposedly wanted Germany to go and save them from whatever imaginary crises Hitler had fabricated. The important part is how Hitler invented the Austrian desire for German intervention. Germany then occupied Austria and then declared them annexed. The process in Crimea was similar, first with pro-Russian separatists, most likely funded, equipped and trained by Russian special forces, occupying Crimea and seizing government buildings (something that continues in East Ukraine today). Then, referendums were held to lend legitimacy to Crimea becoming an independent state so that it could become annexed by Russia. While some people in Crimea truly did want to join Russia, as shown by a variety of newspaper interviews, the ridiculously high percentage of people who voted for annexation (97), and near-impossible turnout (83) are hardly possible. In fact, according to Forbes...

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