Ultimate Art Exhibit, A Journey Through Time

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There are many works of art and many different possible locations that could be considered when trying to create would be classified as “The Ultimate Art Exhibit”. For my project, I have decided to place my Art exhibit inside of Rome, Italy for many reasons. One of which is that Rome is known to have very beautiful building architecture and is known for great masterpieces such as The Pantheon and also the Colosseum. Due to the extremely high number of tourists that Rome gets year-round, if an art gallery that yielded extremely high expectations were placed here then it would receive a very high volume of people daily. So due to this and its culture I decided that Rome may be one of the better choices so the art exhibit will be placed here.
The Art Exhibit will be contained inside of a large building that is similar in style and construction to the Pantheon, containing exists to five different halls once on the inside. Since the Pantheon was used as a temple to celebrate all of the Roman Gods ("Pantheon"), having this style of building while in Rome is perfect. Since this will be a large container for the art though, it’s meaning changes somewhat. Instead of being a temple that will celebrate the gods, it will be used as a temple to celebrate some of the great works of art have been created in the distant past up to a more recent past. While containing some great works of art, the container must be just as great otherwise the art will lose some of its significant and the ambiance and sensation produced won’t be quite as “special”. What better than to have a Roman styled building inside of Rome? Its frontal area will consist of large supporting pillars that will allow an open area for entrance into the exhibit. Then once inside of the front entrance, the building will open up into a larger round room that has a large dome ceiling with a larger oculus ("Pantheon") in the center to emulate a similar environment to the Pantheon. The halls placement would be separated chronologically with the oldest piece starting immediately on the left after entering the hall, then proceeding to the newer styled art when circling clockwise as to “Progress through Time”.
Each of the halls that contains a different piece will have its own theme and design to match the art that is used as a centerpiece inside of it. Each hall will also contain elements to bring out the true nature of the art contained inside and to demonstrate a sense of understanding for the piece itself and the time is was being created in. If not understanding, then it would produce a sense of awe in many of the viewers in the exhibit. The reason behind this theme was simply to be able to dedicate a gallery to each of the individual masterpieces and put in some extra artistic touches to make things far greater. It may be different than a standard Museum or art exhibit, but these are some of the greatest achievements in historical art and they need a place that can show their significance.

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