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Ultimate Team Essay

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Building a good team on Ultimate team in Fifa 14 is something that many people don’t know how to do. First of all, what is Fifa 14? Fifa 14 was created by Electronics Arts, and was released in late 2013 for all game consoles. It is a game that revolves around soccer, and allows the player to play as their favorite real life players or teams on a video game. In this game there are many different game modes one can play either online or offline. The most popular game mode is Fifa Ultimate team, which allows players to create their own “ultimate team.” This means that someone creates a team of players that will work well together as a team you want to use. To build a well rounded team is ...view middle of the document...

That way, it varies from match to match.
Chemistry is determined by a player's relationship with the players around him. This depends on if the two players share the same nation, club, or league. Two players share a dead link, which will be represented with a red link, it mean the two players have different nationalities, different clubs, and different leagues giving them no chemistry together. A weak link, which will be represented with a orange link, means the two players have the same nationality and different leagues or if they are from the same league, but different clubs. A strong link, which is represented by a green link, means the two players with the same nationality and league but different clubs or if it’s between two players from the same club. These links will form a individual chemistry of a player, and the total chemistry is all of the players individual chemistry added up. The best possible chemistry is 10 for each player which will add up to 100.
Players that will be on your team consists of 3 different things that give them value in the game these are their rating, their card type, and their stats. A player's rating is determined by what EA Sports workers decide each player should be rated each year a new Fifa game comes out. These ratings are an overall rating of the player not broken down into stats. These rating determine what type of card that player is and if it is rare or non rare. There are 3 different types of player cards in Ultimate Team which you can form your team with. They include Bronze, Silver, and Gold players. Gold players being the best type and bronze being the worst. Bronze players ratings are between 42 and 64. Silver players ratings are between 65 and 74. Gold players ratings are between 75 and 98. Regardless their rating EA sports also has to determine whether the player is rare or non rare. Which means the card will be rare when people open up a pack. Packs are where all players come from to Ultimate team. It is a collection of random players that a person buys with coins to either sell or keep the players they get in the pack. Stats of a player partially effect the value of the player, due to his ability to play well on the field. The most important stats for any player is pace, strength, passing, dribbling, and shooting.
To build a team though you must first somehow acquire coins, because this is how you will buy players for your team. Coins are the currency of Ultimate Team. To get coins you must either play matches or buy coins from an online coin seller. Ultimate team operates on the basis of people opening packs, which makes them coins, but people who play the game can buy coins from a 3rd party group who...

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