Ultra Orthodox And Their Puritan Life Eng4u Essay

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Ali Pope
Evelyn Wrobel
17 October 2017
KeyQuestion 18
Numerous ultra-Orthodox Jews are brought up in total isolation from modern culture.
Therefore, they have never used the web, watched TV, read a newspaper, or worn regular
clothes. At schools in these isolated groups, religious examinations overshadow essential
training like math, languages, and science. Actualities like evolution are denied in favor of
creationism, with up to eight hours daily spent on Jewish lessons and only two to four on
mainstream subjects. “For some ex-ultra-Orthodox Jews, leaving the group implies being
expelled by their families, evaded by their companions, and figuring out how to explore the
cutting edge world alone.”(Livia).
Deen, 40, left the ultra-Orthodox Jewish enclave of New Square, a town in Rockland
County, New York, seven years prior. He is one of a minority that has ventured off the
Derech, the devout and religious way. Like other people who have left behind the Hasidic
lifestyle, Deen has lost contact with his five kids and has been shunned from the group for
being a heretic. In the meantime, he has thought that it was hard to assimilate to non-Hasidic
culture and worries to be weird to New Yorkers. His twenty year old daughter got married
and he was not invited to the ceremony. “ I was weeping”(Deen). He had not seen his
daughter for a long time, so the photographs taken by four companions at the ceremony cam
as a shock . His eyes lingered on the picture of his 20-year-old girl wearing a high-
busted,long-sleeved white dress. It is a natural feeling for the deserters who choose to leave
the ultra-Orthodox lifestyle. A developing number of men and women are splitting far from
their isolated lives due to a change with their sexual orientation, the absence of access to
more extensive education or out of unhapiness with how serious issues, for example, abuse...

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