Ultra Orthodox Deviation From The Status Quo Agreement & Subsequent Discrimination

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The Status Quo Agreement also provided for the guarantee of intra-Jewish marriage in order to preserve the future bond between Jews in Israel. Though marrying within Judaism has always been a staple of the culture, the prospective influx of non-Jews into the state would surely complicate the assurance of Jews only marrying other Jews. In the Agreement, Ben-Gurion conceded to the Ultra-Orthodoxy by declaring the Jewish government “will do all that can be done to satisfy the needs of the religiously observant in [marriage] and to prevent a rift in the Jewish people.” Whereas the Haredim felt in order to preserve genuine Jewish culture that Jews must marry Jews, inter-marriages would create a muddling of Jewish practices and beliefs. Since the state of Israel’s original intent was a homeland for the Jews, the Ultra-Orthodox believed the state must ensure the constant purity of Jewish culture to avoid conflicts between future generations with deviating degrees of Jewish belief.
Despite the guarantee of Jewish intra-marriage, there is a contemporary, secular condemnation of the agreement’s disregard for the free exercise of individual rights. Not only do some without stricter religious dogmas feel this rule does not apply to them, but they also see it as primitive and contradictory of Israel’s desire to prevent the establishment of a theocratic state. According to the mostly secular opposition of marital regulations, “hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens cannot exercise their rights to marry because of religious compulsion…[this marriage law] has no parallels in any democratic country on Earth.” Under the aforementioned marital limitations, even if a secular Jew who does not prioritize the martial beliefs of his religion wants to marry a non-Jew, the Status Quo Agreement provides that the government should prevent such inter-unions in order to prevent a rift in the Jewish people. In essence, the regulations takes the very personal choice of marriage out of the hands of the person who will be making this decision that will affect the rest of their life. Limiting one’s ability to make such personal decisions through religious restrictions typical of a theocracy, also opposes the Israel democracy that intends on making freedom and choice available to all inhabitants. Although the original agreements aims to prevent a rift between the Jewish people, this limitation of personal agency results in a more stringent rift between the Ultra-Orthodox and secular Jews.
Secular Jews have also criticized the Haredi marital limitations on divorce insofar as the women’s agency faces complete disregard in favor of a patriarchal model of union. The official, Ultra-Orthodox policy of divorce in Israel derives from an original policy on divorce found in Deuteronomy that surmises, “rabbinic divorce [maintains] that [divorce] must be granted by the husband…an emblem of religious legal intervention into the personal lives of citizens.” This policy repudiates the...

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