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The Life And Works Of James Joyce

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James Joyce was a renowned Irish author and poet most known for writing the book Ulysses which parallels the events of The Odyssey in a variety of writing styles. Although Ulysses is considered his magnum opus his other works including Dubliners, A portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and Finnegans Wake are held in high esteem by many.
Joyce was born in the Irish city of Dublin on the second of February, 1882 and was baptized by the order of his catholic mother and father three days later. By the age of five he had moved to the town of Bray 12 miles outside of Dublin, there he was attacked by a dog and this sparked his lifelong cynophobia which may be suggested in Ulysses in episode 12 where the dog is described as a bloody mongrel and other negative phrases. By the age of eight Joyce had written a eulogy of a man by the name of Charles Stewart Parnell. In 1893 Joyce was offered a place at the Jesuit school, Belvedere College, the same year his father lost his job marking the beginning of their families decline into poverty. In 1895 Joyce enrolled in English, French, and Italian at the University College Dublin. This was also the time period when he started becoming active in drama and literature circles writing his first publication and a few plays. In 1902 Joyce graduated from UCD and then went to go study medicine in paris, after several months in Paris he received a telegraph from his father that said his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He quickly returned to Ireland where and his mother died soon thereafter, James and his brother refused to join the rest of his family in prayer at her bedside; this is notable because in Ulysses the character Stephen Dedalus refuses to do the same and his aunt is appalled and tells him this is the reason she is dead. After Joyce’s mother died he continued a life of heavy drinking and reviewing books for a living. In 1904 he met a woman named Nora Barnacle and his first date with her is also the day of the events in Ulysses, June 16, 1904. Joyce continued to binge drink and after one day he got in a fight, his father's acquaintance Alfred Hunter picked him up off the street and helped his injuries. Alfred was a jew known to be a cuckold and he later became a basis of the main character Bloom. For a few nights Joyce stayed at his medical student friend Oliver Gogarty’s tower in sandycove. Gogarty later became the basis for the character Buck Mulligan and the tower is a locale in the book where Stephen and Buck stay giving further thought to the idea that Stephen loosely represents Joyce himself. Joyce’s stay at the tower came to an abrupt end when another student by the name of Samuel Trench fired a pistol at some pans above Joyce’s head. Samuel Trench ended up being the character Haines. Shortly after the event Joyce eloped to Sweden with Nora where he began to teach english. In 1905 Joyce had his first child who was named George Joyce, he also convinced his brother to join him in Trieste in hopes...

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