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Ulysses S Grant was an iconic figure in the Civil War and was well known for his astounding feats throughout the war.(World book Advanced) While Ulysses S. Grant is the name he is most commonly known as, his real name is Hiram Ulysses Grant and the S. stands for nothing.(Ulysses S. Grant Homepage) Ulysses graduated from West Point with high marks in Horsemanship and Mathematics, but he had poor grades in classes like French. Grant fell in love with his roommate's sister Julia Dent, but sadly he was called to serve at the start of the Mexican War. Once the war was over he was soon positioned in the West, away from his family. When Ulysses left the army, he tried, and failed, at several walks of life, like farming, before the Civil War.
When the war began, Ulysses S Grant was thirty-nine years old and knew he had to fight due to his distaste for slavery and opposition towards succession.(PBS) He began drilling a company in Galena and soon was recommended for a promotion by an Illinois congressman known as Elhu B. Washburne. Because of this, Lincoln promoted Grant to Brigadier. At this, he appointed John A. Rawlins, a young lawyer, to his staff. Rawlins soon became a close friend to the upcoming Ulysses S. Grant. Later at the permission of his commanding general, General Henry W. Helleck, he marched upon Fort Henry. Most Confederates retreated at Grant’s approach, and with the aid of a Union Gunboat, he was able to successfully secure the fort with ease. After this success, Ulysses S. Grant took it upon himself to lay siege to Fort Donelson. The Confederate commander of the fort, asked for terms of surrender, and received the reply, “No terms except an unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted.” Upon this, the Confederate commander realised the was in no position to do anything but surrender. This was celebrated in the North where they gave his initials, U.S., the meaning of unconditional surrender. (World book Advanced) Then, on April 6th, through Grant denied the fact that he was caught off guard, the Confederates launched a surprise attack on his troops at Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee. Grant’s refusal to retreat was the deciding factor in the Battle of Shiloh. (GRANT, Ulysses S(impson)) After this, he attacked and defeated a Confederate army by Vicksburg, Mississippi, using a risky tactic he learned from General Winfield Scott. Once below Vicksburg, he employed a risky tactic he learned while serving under General Winfield Scott, he cut himself off from all supplies save medical supplies and ammunition and battled his way to Vicksburg, where since he could not break through the barricade laid out to defend Vicksburg, he ordered his men to stay where they were. He then lay siege to for 2 months, forcing the starving Confederates to surrender. After this he set out to save Union forces that confederates were currently sieging in Chattanooga, Tennessee. These forces, the Army Of Cumberland, were stuck with only one road of access for...

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Ulysses S. Grant Essay

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1536 words - 6 pages During the Civil War, Ulysses S. Grant played a main part in the Union’s Victory. He did this by: Winning multiple battles, his expertise as a leader, and defeating Robert E. Lee. Grant started his career as an officer by going through the military academy called WestPoint. After graduating as a Second Lieutenant, he made his way through the ranks in the Mexican-American War. During the Civil War, he was promoted to Brigadier General, Major

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908 words - 4 pages Ulysses S. Grant was an able military leader in the Civil War. He would also become president, though he was considered less competent in that position than as a general. He was one of the most significant generals in the Civil War, and he brought it to an end in 1865. Ulysses S. Grant was born in 1822 to Jesse Grant, and Hannah Simpson[1] He lived at home for most of his childhood, sometimes assisting in his father’s tannery.[1] Ulysses

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1527 words - 7 pages My Mom always asks that, along with “What color is George Washington’s white horse?” when she is pointing out that something should be obvious. I only knew some guy named Grant and he is on the fifty dollar bill. Now I can tell you that Ulysses S. Grant was a Civil War hero and the eighteenth President of the United States. The son of an Ohio tanner, he was a West Point graduate. He made many notable contributions to the Civil War that

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1556 words - 6 pages Grant: A BiographyNovember 15, 201110th Honors U.S HistoryPeriod 5I. IntroductionA. Book1. Grant: A Biography2. A biography about the life of President Ulysses GrantB. Author1. William S. McFeely2. Professor of history at Mount Holyoke3. 1982 Pulitzer Prize for Biography for Grant: A Biography4. Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences5. Frederick Douglasa. Told the story about Frederick Douglasb. Went in depth about his life as a slave

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1090 words - 4 pages BOOK REVIEW Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant. By Ulysses S. Grant, with an introduction and notes by James M. McPherson. New York, NY. Penguin Putnam Inc., 1989. First published in two volumes in 1885 and 1886. Pp xxvi, 640. Maps. Notes. Index.The Civil War's greatest general and former president began his memoirs after being diagnosed with throat cancer. Faced with financial ruin brought about by bad investments and unscrupulous associates

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1117 words - 4 pages Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant was an American general and 18th president of the United States. Grant was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio, on April 27, 1822, the son of Hannah Simpson and Jesse Grant, the owner of a tannery. Taken to nearby Georgetown at the age of one, he was educated in local and boarding schools. In 1839, under the name of Ulysses Simpson instead of his original Hiram Ulysses, he was appointed to West Point. Graduating

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