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Umass Personal Statement Essay

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In many respects, personal advancement in ones career must be bellied by a certain motivation to serve and succeed as a leader. One learns how to swim by taking courage and jumping into the pool to swim, of course starting from the shallow end and practicing there before venturing towards the deeper end. The deeper ends of the pool require skills and, similarly, by plunging into the process of leadership as I have done, I have to reckon with the need for practice and as such, increase the skills required for effective leadership. Indeed, in time spent working and volunteering, both in the private and public sector, I have learnt that leadership is done best if it is undertaken by way of example since leadership is exemplarship. As a young man nursing a strong leadership ambition, I find this captivating. As such, I have committed my life to discovering my potential and impacting my fellow youth and other cadres of humanity positively with this powerful value of life. It is a high order value and indeed, good leadership is a value driven leadership. It’s because of this belief that I am pursuing higher education in one of the most sought after degrees in the world an MBA– a valuable tool for those in business and administration. And with this education I intend to better my skills in effective leadership because the tragedy of mankind seems to be the absence of transformational leadership.

Beginning with my college education at William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ, I was always intrigued about the idea of leadership and salesmanship, and the key for me was identifying a profession which makes and crafts the best leaders. It was essential to find a field that can teach me how to articulate a vision while directly impacting a company’s bottom line. This has led me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Professional Sales, a unique and inernationally recognized degree that William Paterson offers. With superior work ethic, I was able at to finish top of my class, be selected anonymously by all college deans as the 2010 student commencement speaker, awarded Becton scholar and inducted to be a member of the prestige Betta Gama Sigma; an international business honor society which selects top 10% business student graduating from an AACSB school. More imopratnly I have leartn a great deal on the theory of leadership and salesmenaship, but the key to be successful was the application of what was learned in the class room.

As I began the transition from student to business professional, I found that the value of high achievement coupled with an unrivaled work ethic could pave the way for success in corporate America. The application of what I have learned at the university immediately paid dividends in my corporate career. I started my career at EMC as a Sales Associate (SA) in January 2010 where my primary role was to leverage multiple...

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