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My father used to tell my siblings and I silly stories about how he used to ride a donkey to school in his village. My mother used to tell us stories about how she used to collect the left over notebook paper from the year before for the upcoming school year. My siblings and I would look at them with awe, we would laugh or doubt their stories. But, we never really took into consideration the struggles they told us about were merely to pursue an education. Through my school years I’ve moved around the world and became exposed to what education can bring upon a community. I didn’t understand the value of education until my sophomore year in high school, a year after moving to Qatar. The horrors of university application deadlines, university essays, and the SAT didn’t open my eyes. Rather, when I noticed the improved quality of life my father was able to provide our family by his advanced education; I really began to appreciate the doors education can open. From then on I became motivated to raise my goals beyond my expectations so I can strive harder and pursue an advanced education. I became involved with conferences, internships, programs, and volunteering that revolved around my interests and making a difference.
My father, receiving the prestigious full university professor title, and mother were able to complete their university education upon arriving to the US. Thus, I’ve only ever known of the highest level of education. My career goals revolve around humanity. I’ve wanted to become a woman’s physician, particularly in OBGYN practices. Human life stars with the mother, and depending on the care the mother is exposed to effects the baby’s life. I‘ve always felt that all woman deserve proper medical attention in any cases. When medical complications could have been prevented in mothers and children, whether in developed or developing worlds, a puncturing feeling in my heart ensues. In my junior year of high school I signed up to participate in a clowning program with Patch Adams in various hospitals in Qatar. I felt a strong force pulling me I into the medical field when I noticed how scared children and their mothers were being connected to tubes, wires, and computers. But, what inspired me was how doctors could reassure mothers and uplift children spirits through their knowledge. From then on, I’ve always wanted to be that doctor.
My second interest revolved around my observations of our surroundings. Moving from the US with environmental protections to Qatar, which hadn’t yet followed suit, I felt like a difference needed to be made. The way we live on this planet and the way we use the resources effects every cycle there is from wildlife to weather. Furthermore, I realized not enough people shared my strong feelings and not...

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