Un Habitat And The Post 2015 Development Agenda

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Israel’s growing population coupled with our scarcity of natural resources plays greatly in our need to expand on our infrastructure. The need for innovation and creativity has never been greater and to turn our backs on half of our population is to turn our backs on the possibility of development. Gender equality is necessary to reach our full potential in all areas of development. In addition to the universal necessity for gender equality, Israel would point out the human rights violations which become apparent when observing the situation in which women find themselves in urban areas. Women and girls suffer disproportionally to men in urban poverty. Women in these situations continue to experience direct and indirect discrimination in many areas of everyday life. The burden of childbearing and family care falls to women, leaving them at a disadvantage in regards to economic opportunity. Additionally, in times of economic crisis, women will often turn to prostitution to support themselves, further putting themselves at personal risk. The impact of these factors weighs negatively on our collective efforts to achieve Millennium Development Goals 1 and 3.
Israel proposes a multifaceted approach to promoting gender equality on the human settlement front. This approach includes integrating women into civil law enforcement, integrating women into the workforce of growing industries, integrating women into decision making bodies of a nation with emphasis on the human settlement sector, and training seminars on gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment in the human settlement sector. In order to see our approach to gender-equality transpire, we have adopted a policy of collaborating not only with UN-HABITAT, but also with a wide-range of bodies throughout the international community. In 2010, Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs worked jointly with UN-HABITAT and the Golda Meir Mount Camel International Training Center to conduct a training course which aims to increase gender equality and empowerment in many areas of urban planning and development. The topics included education on why gender plays an...

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