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Un Reform Based On Maintainter's Viewpoint: Machiavelli, Niebuhr, Morgenthau And Mearsheimer's Central Ideas.

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The United Nations reform will be focused on maintainer's world view. The law firm we are presenting are Machiavelli, Niebuhr, Morgenthau and Mearsheimer. These representative are under the views of realism. As having such views, state's sovereignty and national's interest are our primary concerns. Throughout the Cold War, our thoughts had been the dominant theoretical traditions because its thus far the most effective way of govern. The establishment of United Nations was merely a tool for our state in achieving national goals. The U.N. was also relegated to the sidelines of world politics. However, recent the years, the reformation of UN has brought many dissatisfactions towards our law firm due to a changing Security Council, and the involvement in global human rights issues.With all the aspects in mind, we shall explain what our principles are. Basically realists such as Hans Morgenthau and Reinhold Niebuhr believed that states are like human beings that have natural tendencies to dominate others, which lead them into wars. Morgenthau also believes in it virtues of classical, multipolarity, and balance of power. He sees bipolarity as very dangerous as what we saw between US and USSR during the cold war era.The first person is called Machiavelli. He was born in 1469 in Italy; he wrote a very controversial book about the art of war called The Prince. It teaches people how to be a leader and what criteria are needed to rule. He mentioned that leadership and good rule needs opportunity, ingenuity- ability skill, and luck. He also believes that it is not a good thing to have a high opinion on human nature due to his pessimistic views. People should use everyway in getting what he wanted, even to break promises, and be cruel, because result is what counts. There should be no moral duties attached, and always looking in gaining from others as a zero sum idea; what is mine is mine, what is yours is mine too. People should take others' advices cautiously and the best is to know as much as they can and be an expertise in many areas because that's the essential tool for statecraft. And if the leader fails to do what it has to be done, then he has to learns the way to self destruction rather than self preservation.Machiavelli also sees security as an important aspect. His thoughts includes that people should drop all the obligations and treaties with another state once the security of the community is under threat. Thus, it would be fine to have pre-emptive strikes. Imperial expansion is also legitimate for gaining greater security. The goal of politics is all about survival. In order to maintain the state, the leader has to act against faith, against charity, against humanity, and against religion. Being nice and good does not help one to become a successful leader. Thus, morality is not the way of thinking, necessity is the ruling principle. He also believes that war is inevitable and people should always be prepared for it. A good citizen is to follow...

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