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Dear Mr. Secretary General, Fellow Delegates, and Distinguished Guests, I'm honored to stand here in front of you today to discuss the situation in Ukraine at this very moment. As we all know we are now approaching a new and dangerous time where we might have a new world war as the most horrendous consequence.The situation in Ukraine is not improving but it has instead reached its worst peak, and we in the United Nations and other organizations must discuss how it is possible to solve the crisis in especially Crimea one way or the other.Since November 2013 there has been bloody demonstrations in one of our fellow member states, Ukraine. Many people and nationalities have been affected by the situation, and it is absolutely not a wanted situation for any parts. As Russia, as another member state of the UN, it was seen as a threat to their Russians living in particularly the Crimea, as about 60% of the population is ethnically Russian. To make sure their countrymen in Ukraine was not exposed to the unrest in the country; they sent forces into the Crimea.For Ukraine this was seen as a massive threat from the big and powerful Russia, distinctly after the history of being a successor state from the former Soviet Union. Ukraine will not be able to stand up to Russia alone militarily, and we must find a way to negotiate peace between these two nations.Now violence has erupted between the two nationalities,...

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2983 words - 12 pages Covenant. This covenant was passed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1966, signed by 143 states including the United States. Here the way the UN Assembly structured their argument laying protection of free speech and inhibition of hate speech alongside one another shows that curtailing hate speech in no ways limits free speech. What David Matas outlines that is important is the fact that “freedom of expression is an individual right

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745 words - 3 pages facts for not believing in a God. To sum up, atheism should be allowed for preserving the UN rules, decreasing crime rates against atheists, and encouraging free speech and idea. Beliefs should certainly be allowed no matter how they are. If everyone was a clone of another person, then there would be no progress in this world; people would only do what others did prior to them. All this technology and science were only found when their founder

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1068 words - 5 pages detaining refugees, people with visas, and green card holders as protests erupted around the country, declaring the act cruel and un-American. Why do Muslims face these problems? Mahershala then makes a statement that really tied his argument together and one with the specifically, the use of the word persecution shocked to me. He only uses that world once in his speech until that point. Specifically stressing the word at the end, that we in the


2426 words - 10 pages both from the second half of the 20th century and from the first decade of the 21st century such as by S.G. Triantis (1971), T.A. Keenleyside & N. Serkasevich (1990), K.E. Mahoney (1992), D. Webster (2010), S. Carvin (2007), etc.   1. Canadian approach to Human Rights protection (UN) 1.1. Legislative contribution Whereas Canadian foreign policy has tended to be internationalist, this has not always been so in a legal sense. In the intermediate

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1387 words - 6 pages . Perry quotes in Apartheid: A History: ?this battle was to be vividly remembered amongst Blacks and Whites. Sharpeville had become an international symbol of Police brutality.? As a result of Sharpeville and the subsequent state of emergency in which the ANC and PAC were banned, the UN began to implement economic, political, cultural and sporting sanctions/embargoes. The 1961 UN General Assembly resolution which called for all South African ports to

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2274 words - 10 pages whatever they please about Obama, be it good or bad or indifferent. What if the government decided that anyone who speaks out against the president is to be jailed on account of hate speech? This prospect is not as outlandish as it may seem, as it has been observed countless times in the dictatorial pasts of Hitler and Stalin. Even the more contemporary leaders such as Kim Jong Un have enforced laws akin to the one mentioned. Professor Nahmod Sheldon

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4987 words - 20 pages disarm. According to George P. Schultz, Secretary of State under President Nixon, the former resolutions were “a strong foundation… for immediate military action.” In fact, arguing that the US’s use of force in Iraq was authorized by resolution 1441 and previous Security Council resolutions not only would have been a sounder legal argument, but it would have strengthened the UN rather than weaken it. In his speech to the GA on February 26

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546 words - 2 pages and recording, and the participant falling somewhere between the two. In third-person narrative we are stood outside the events; as an omniscient narrator we are given god like privileges such as infinite knowledge and understanding and can seemingly travel through time and space, accessing un-verbalised thoughts of many characters. The extent of the third-person's omniscience are further complicated through focalisation and point-of-view. Whilst

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716 words - 3 pages got there, he made a speech, then got back on the plane, but he never left the airport.      Why was practically no action taken to save the lives of 800,00 people? Mostly because of selfishness and cowardice on the behalf of all the countries in the UN. Everyone was afraid that if they took any action, it would be considered controversial. They felt that it was basically a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. Neither the UN, military, or US stuck their necks out to help a country in need of guidance, something they could have all given.

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1208 words - 5 pages ones I just showed you are needed in today's society and if they are, whether these leaders have the people's best interest at heart or are blindsided by their own wants. - Before think about whether world leaders are needed in today's society I want to know whether these leaders have our best interests in mind. So while leaders can enforce positive changes in society they can also do the complete opposite. Kim Jong-un is the Chairman of the

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1976 words - 8 pages Iran and Nuclear Proliferation On February 11th, 2010, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared during a speech on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, that Iran has produced its first package of highly enriched Uranium. This was declared two days after beginning the process earlier that week. President Ahmadinejad said during his speech that Iran has succeeded in enriching uranium to twenty percent and has the ability to achieve a

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