Unabomber: A Life Of A Mind

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After the recent death of Steve Jobs, I found it hard to imagine that a man so rich, so powerful and unbelievably smart died of a cancer that may have been treated! How can one be so intelligent that s/he questions the authority of doctors? The answer is just plain stubbornness. Steve Job believed that he would not only beat his cancer, but he would find a cure! With so many resources at his fingertips, it was to be an easy task. One may say that with all the money he had, doctors and scientists’ would have worked overtime to find a cure. How could Ted Kaczynski a man so brilliant graduate from an Ivy League school one day, then later be the man who terrorizes people all over the United States? Unfortunately, Steve Jobs and Ted Kaczynski are only two among many examples of people whose pride has jeopardized their lives or that of others. Thesis: Early life, The Unabomber, Prison.

Known by many as the Unabomber, Theodore John "Ted" Kaczynski was born on May 22, 1942, in Chicago Illinois. According to Paul Ferguson in his article “Ted Kaczynski: Evil Man, or Tortured Soul?” featured on CNN, as a toddler, Kaczynski spent much of his time in the hospital when he was diagnosed with an allergic reaction that caused him to have Hives all over his body. According to Ferguson, hospital staff who photographed Ted stated that he looked terrorized. In their article “An Adlerian Analysis of the Unabomber,” Amy M. Leeper and her colleagues at the University of Texas explain that Ted’s “childhood was spent largely with his mother, who devoted all of her time to the education and care of her two sons”(169-70). In their article “Tracking down the Unabomber” Nancy Gibbs and Sam Allis suggest that Ted had the mind of a genius. According to “…his 89-year old aunt…his parents were so intent on their son’s academic success that they turned him into a “snob’’’ (Gibbs and Allis 24). They go on to add that hoping for better success, his mother would take Theodore to art museums as a baby. According to Leeper and her colleagues, Ted soon became isolated from other children (170). Leeper and her colleagues argue that even though Wanda devoted so much time to Ted, he was socially inept and defensive(170). Without any doubt, his mother’s failure to socialize him at this critical stage may have caused problems later in his life.
As he grew up, his social problems became worse. Kaczynski attended Evergreen Park High School, where he managed to graduate without making any significant relationships with his classmates (Gibbs and Allis 24). The writers also note that he showed a little interest in socialization when he joined band the Coin Club, Biology Club, German Club, and the Math Club. To Gibbs and her colleagues’ astonishment, Ted’s classmates did not find him anything odd about his behavior. His childhood friend Dale Eickelman confirms, that “He did have one notable hobby…putting things together like batteries, wires leads, potassium nitrate and whatever” (Gibbs...

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