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Being unwanted, unloved, and forgotten is one of the hardest things that one may have to cope with. In the book “Theories of Relativity” by Barbara-Attard Haworth, the poem “Behind her Tears” by Jessica Sanches, and the short story “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen, all share a similar theme which is feeling unaccepted in one’s family, or community. The feeling of being unwanted crosses each and every mind at least once, and it impacts that someone’s life. They also try their hardest just to fit in, and they will always find a way through.
Someone’s life could drastically change just by the way they are treated, and the way they feel. In the book, “Theories of Relativity”, the main character Dylan, lives on the streets because he is unwanted by his own mother. This changes his whole perspective on life. Seeing that he needs to adapt to his surroundings, he learns to survive on his own. He goes through many hazards like people doing drugs, gangs, and parties involving alcohol. He never wants to be like that, but he gets tempted and decides to use drugs, it changes his life. “‘No, Thanks,’ I say. A party, a beer, a snort of coke, a joint, a night of warmth off the street.” Dylan is declining the offer of going to a party, because he does not want to lose control of himself. Dylan is always cautious of what he does, but he does end up losing control later on, and is greatly affected. In the poem, “Behind Her Tears”, the girl mentioned feels unaccepted. She takes the pain away by drinking, smoking, and cutting herself. She feels as if the people insulting her enjoy watching her in pain. This impacts her life, because she feels as if she should just die, and if she does it would not matter. This girl is greatly affected by feeling unwanted because she starts to blame herself for it, and thinks she is not good enough. It states in the poem:
It breaks her soul to know what lies ahead
Sometimes she wishes she would just drop dead
She wonders to herself what will they gain
To see her go through all this pain
She believes that everyone is treating her like she has no reason to live. She is insecure about herself, but only because of the way she is treated. She is impacted by the way people act towards her, and she blames it on herself. In the short story, The Ugly Duckling, the duckling is greatly impacted as well. The duckling is unwanted in his family, because he is not as pretty as the other ones. He is treated unfairly, so he decides to leave. He no longer has a family and a home to go to. The duckling is so devastated that he considers dying, just like the girl from the poem. He concludes that there is no point of living, since he gets beaten, and insulted all the time: “’they will kill me, because I am so ugly [...] But it does not matter: better be killed by them than pecked by the ducks [...] or starved with hunger in the winter” The duckling finds no point in living, and he does not want to live in pain anymore. He thinks getting...

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