Unattainable Equaility Depicted In Carson Mc Cullers's Sucker

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Anomalies in Equality
Equality is something that people have been fighting for for a long time, but is it really the answer to prejudice and pride? In the story "Sucker" Pete and Sucker live together like brothers, but their relationship does not reflect that. Pete treats Sucker like property, instead of a person. The distance between them that is a result of Pete’s mistreatment of Sucker is eventually closed by a period of peace, a short time when they both discover each other and begin to function together in a loving and brotherly way. This balance is soon broken by an outburst of Pete’s. The fight causes Sucker to give up passionately following Pete and rethink their relationship. Suckers revelation leads him to become a more sociable person. Sucker trusted Pete to a fault, the fight is the solution to Suckers gullibility and mindless following because it forces him to grow up and away from his childhood idol, Pete. When looking at the situation briefly, it seems the answer is equality. Equality seems to solve Pete’s mistreatment and dominance over Sucker, and it would also prevent Suckers great change and the permanent tension between sucker and Pete that resulted. But is equality a solution, or a problem all its own? The cause and the solution to his problems both start with the mistreatment of Sucker and his inferiority to Pete.
Pete is dominant over Sucker. Pete and Sucker live together as if they are brothers, but they do not act as if they are. There is no equality in their relationship, Sucker is treated like a dog, and Pete acts like his cruel master. "Whenever I would bring any of my friends back to my room, all I would need to do was just glance once at Sucker and he would get up from whatever he was busy with and maybe a half smile at me, and leave without saying a word. (McCullers 1)" Sucker is weak, he assumes the best in people and therefore assumes people won't lie, steal, cheat, and take advantage of him. This ignorant trust has him blindly following anyone. Anyone is Pete, and Pete is both the cause and the solution to Suckers problem. It will take an attack to break this unconditional trust that Sucker has for the world. It will take more than a leader to cause this degree of confliction in a person, it will take a friend.
Sucker loves Pete as a brother. And he looks for acceptance from Pete, but for most of his life, Pete has ignored and mistreated him. This mistreatment may even be responsible for Suckers initially timid personality. Sucker’s feelings and needs were out of Pete’s scope. Pete viewed Sucker as more of an inanimate object than a person, his decisions were in no way effected by Sucker. "You really do like me as if I were your brother, don't you Pete. (McCullers 4)” Sucker wants to be accepted and appreciated, it is those two needs that eventually drive him to break out of his shell and develop into a social person. This quote marks the beginning of...

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