Unaware And Unprotected: Misconceptions Of Birth Control

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Do you have overwhelming acne, and are tired of spending hopeless money on acne solutions? If yes, imagine how thankful you would be if there was a solution to your problem. No more wasting money on solutions that don’t work and even just dry out your face. Wouldn’t you consider your health an important aspect to life? Living a long and healthy life would just be another blessing, but what if there was an easier way to accomplish this? I bet you have worried about developing cancer one day in your life, but what if your fears could be eased? Would you stop living your life in fear and start doing everything on your bucket list? Now don’t call this idea crazy, because this is all possible.
The effectiveness of birth control pills in preventing pregnancy has led to widespread use beyond birth control. The pill has also provided numerous beneficial side effects other than the ones the medical community has led individuals to believe. However, these additional effects do not seem to be known.
Doesn’t everyone seem to have a double standard about the use of birth control? People assume if you happen to be on birth control it means you’re sexually active.
The Institute of Medicine and the National Academy of Sciences, the nation’s leading medical experts report that more than ninety nine percent of women in the US who are sexually active have used some form of birth control during their lifetime (Ruiter). Of those women, fifty-eight percent stated they use the pill for a wide range of health reasons including the benefits associated with birth control (Ruiter).
Birth control pills are designed to mimic a natural menstrual cycle. A traditional pill pack contains twenty eight pills, but only twenty one are active which contains hormones to suppress fertility and regulate they cycle to every twenty eight days (Birth Control). Birth control pills control the hormones in the female body, and lowers the hormone androgen, which is known for stimulating the skin glans causing dirt and oils to get it (Berson). Research studies have shown that the pill “can clear acne by slowing down overactive oil glands in the skin” (Berson). This definitely beats living a life with acne, and wasting hard earned money on solutions that don’t work.
Birth control can reduce the chance of getting ovarian cyst, which are “fluid-filled sacs that can form in the ovaries” (Ovarian). Ovarian cysts can be prevented because the ring, patch, pill, and the shot block ovulation. On top of reducing the risk of cysts, The San Francisco Department of Public Health has presented data showing that the pill reduces the risk of getting ovarian cancer by forty percent (Wallace). Ovarian cancer is the fiftieth most common cancer that women are expected to develop. Approximately 30,000 new female patients are expected to be diagnosed each year, while nearly 15,000 of those women will lose their lives to this disease (Stacey). Researchers have shown that by taking any...

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