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Unclear Energy Essay

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Do not despise what is small as it may be bigger than it is. The smallest unit in bodybuilding results in huge energy. Yes I am talking about nuclear power, which graduated from atoms. Science of nuclear energy has become one of the most important sciences at the present time. Because there are many uses in various fields such as the production of electricity and weapons. In this essay I intend to write about what is nuclear energy, how it is extracted, the positive and negative aspects and the latest developments in this field in the United Arab Emirates.
There are many renewable sources of energy in nature; one of them is nuclear energy. The definition of nuclear energy is “The energy that holds together the nuclei of atoms” (Kanninen, 2006). Atoms are the smallest units that make up the matter. There is a nucleus in the middle of each atom and electrons moving around the nucleus in orbits. However, the energy that holds nucleus and electrons together called nuclear energy. In nature, some atoms are stable and others are unstable. Unstable atoms are radioactive which mean they have nuclear energy goes out of atoms as radiation. Radiation is one way of releasing nuclear energy. Nuclear fusion and nuclear fission are two other ways of freeing nuclear energy. “Nuclear fusion is the combining of two atoms into one. And the splitting of an atom called nuclear fission” (Kanninen, 2006). Both ways release big amounts of energy. However, both ways can be used in nuclear power. (Murray, 2009)
The UAE always keeps pace with developments taking place in the world; therefore they decide to produce nuclear energy. UAE government conducted spacious (?) study of the increasing of electrical energy in April 2008. The first nuclear reactor will be activated for the distribution of electricity in 2017 to provide electricity for a million homes in the United Arab Emirates. By 2020 the desire of the energy in UAE will grow up to more than 40,000 Megawatts with average of 9% per year which is treble the global average. With the ability to produce less than the half of this indigence (?), so UAE need to evolve a new energy source. Emirates has started at second nuclear reactor in July 2013 and the third will be finish in 2019 and the fourth will be finish in 2020 (see table 1). Nuclear power will cover approximately quarter of the electricity needs of the United Arab Emirates. Also, the last development in unclear energy was “The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporations (ENEC) announced recently the successful installation of the Containment Liner Plate (CLP) in the Reactor Containment Building for Barakah Unit 1. The CLP is one of the many defense-in-depth barriers that ensure the safety of nuclear energy plants” (ENEC, 2013). (Congress Senate Committee, 2010)
In all human works there is the potential for right and wrong. As well as the nuclear energy project has advantages and disadvantages. Starting with the advantages, nuclear reactors produce a million times...

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