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Uncommon Ground Essay

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The false acceptance, and tolerances of one class of people, by another class of people, can lead to tragic misunderstandings. In the article a Critical Essay on “Othello”, author Diane Andrews Henningfeld examines the varied social aspects in the play Othello. Henningfed is a Professor Emerita, at Adrian College in the Greater Detroit Area, and has an extensive education in literary and research. The article subject matter is very clear and precise utilizing examples from the play and the effects of the different communities and the hegemony on the characters.
The Venetian Community setting of the play Othello and its multilayered society standards and customs greatly attribute to the ...view middle of the document...

The misunderstanding by Othello of this placement in the Venetians Society is the catalyst for his down fall and the basis to which is played upon by Iago in his manipulation of Othello. Henningfed article and explanation of the complex rules and placement of the characters within the Venetian Society is further dissected with comparisons of Desdemona into Othello’s military culture and Othello being in Desdemona’s white mercantile culture. The explanations of the effects that the difference in culture has on both Othello and Desdemona are dissected by the essay’s author; the result is a more precise insight into the characters in the play.
For instance, in the article, the author points out one of the many barriers that Othello faces in the play; the difference in how he is able, and capable of speaking with his military society mindset, and then his insertion into the mercantile society mindset in a culture that is not his own. The comfort level of Othello is understandable now with this interpretation by author as she points out an assessment by Othello “Rude I am speech…/ and little of this great word can I speak.”
“He does not speak the language of buying and selling, the guarded...

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