Uncommon Youth Ministry: Doug Fields And Mark De Vries

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I was a little let down by this very engaging book by Dr. Burns. Not because of the plethora of information, research, and insight into youth ministry. Simply, as I had just finished two great books on building youth ministries by Doug Fields Your First two Years in Youth Ministry and Mark DeVries Sustainable Youth Ministry. Both of the above books were published after the eminent work of Dr. Burns. Fields and Devries books I read before Dr. Burns Uncommon Youth Ministry. Do not get me wrong, all three books are very pertinent and applicable in their own way to growing and maintaining a vibrant and health youth ministry. What did pique my interest in Mr. Burns’ book, was how he pointed out ...view middle of the document...

This not going to be an easy road in life as I have learned through my multitude of mistakes and there have been many. The road to enlightenment or happiness is not easy. King Solomon, made that clear in Ecclesiastes 1:2 Ezekiel, whereas he had everything one could want, except God, when he realized this and acknowledge who and what God meant to him; life was no longer meaningless.
Youth ministries in our churches should not be considered second class citizens, meaningless, or baggage. They should not be look upon as just somewhere to put the kids to be seen but not heard, out of mind and out of sight. In the book Sticky Faith by Dr. Powell, she points out that “Sadly, most youth ministries are long on fun and fluff and short on listening and thoughtful engagement” page 92. This one key statement resonates throughout almost every book that I have read so far on youth ministry. Listening and validating the kids in the church, even the ones who do not attend on a regular basis. This should be the utmost priority of the church.
What I surmise throughout this book is to hear, accept, and empower the youth of today, if we do not acknowledge their worth and value to the church. How in the world...

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