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Uncovering Shakespeare Essay

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The ancient writer Sophocles once said, "Fail with honor than succeed by fraud." A fraud is a disgraceful, gut wrenching title that can absolutely destroy an author’s reputation, and it is considerably interesting to realize that one of the world’s greatest playwrights, William Shakespeare, is accused of being some kind of fraud (Or at least not who we think he is). If Shakespeare was a fraud, he certainly succeeded, making himself one of the most known names in the history of literature. Across the globe, there is a heated debate whether or not Shakespeare was even the true or original author of all of the work he is claimed for. The Oxfordians, represented by Keir Cutler in "Just Exactly ...view middle of the document...

Not only did Shakespeare collaborate with others, but also was a well-known writer during his time. His name and works are cited in a large amount of documents across England. For example, Robert Greene, a seasoned writer during his time, slandered Shakespeare in a pamphlet by calling Shakespeare an "upstart crow". Despite some negative words slithering around London at the time, others praised Shakespeare's work. There were decent reviews about Shakespeare's Lucrece, and his name was also mentioned in works that publishers desperately wanted to sell. Besides reviews and negative criticism, Shakespeare was mentioned in numerous historical accounts. An Elizabethan historian by the name of Camden mentioned Shakespeare as a particularly great contemporary writer, and other accounts document his name as a great poet among other English writers at the time. This evidence clearly shows that he was not some sort of unknown, pseudonymous writer. If Shakespeare were a disguised Englishmen, the effort and brilliance in his work would be for almost nothing without the proper recognition that he would likely want.

On the other side of this controversial subject, the Oxfordians strongly believe that there is no indications that William Shakespeare was a writer due to little evidence found in his will. While there is no evidence in Shakespeare’s will, there are many other documents that mention Shakespeare as a...

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