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Under African Skies Essay

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As the sun rises over the tepid Indian Ocean and the first rays of sunlight touch down on the small village of Sodwana Bay the first of the fishermen clambered up onto there large fishing vessels, then embark for a long and drawn out boat ride to get to their destination which is an extensive 45 miles out to sea. At the same time an enthusiastic group of divers depart on a 8 mile trip to a captivating reef inside the bay.As the divers plunge into the dark blue crystal clear water they are almost immediately greeted by a spectacular shoal of hundreds of king fish which resemble the tuna. These majestic King Fish are a deep turquoise colour with a dark blue line running down the length of their body. Their movements are all syncronised as if they were one whole fish and are all as swift as a dolphin. The divers remain at this level to admire these awesome creatures of the depths. Once again the divers descend down to the reef which is roughly 20 meters below the extensive surface of the ocean. The divers now adjust there buoyancy so they are in equilibrium. They start investigating the reef. Nothing down there resembles anything like what's on the surface of the earth and has its own atmosphere. Some people even call this the ocean "The Planet Ambience". Everything is strange but yet so beautiful. The structure of the reef itself is breathtaking with huge pinnacles reaching up like fingers towards the surface; it's almost as if they are in need of the precious air that we humans require to survive. There are many overhangs and large caves which harbour marine life, through every cave or overhang there is a possibility of danger in the form of monstrous sharks with ragged teeth and stream lined bodies or a sting by a stone fish which could be fatal. These dangers still do not detour us from this underwater haven. Some of the creatures that live in this underwater paradise are so well camouflaged that the divers swim passed...

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