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Did you know that most things you think you know about science are wrong? Nikola Tesla, a revolutionary inventor, was born July 10th, 1856 in Smiljan, Croatia. He was born to his father Milutin and his mother Djuka. As a child, Nikola immersed himself into his father's library, where he would read and memorize entire books word for word. His father was priest and a writer, while his mother stayed home and created appliances that would further advance productivity in her home and farm. One of the inventions she came up with was a mechanical eggbeater. "Niko" got his inspiration to invent and become an engineer from his mother. On the other hand, his father pushed Niko to follow in his footsteps as a priest, but Nikola contracted Cholera and crafitly was able to get his father to permit him to attending the prestigious engineering college, the Austrian Polytechnic School. People started to recognize Niko's genius qualities when he was able to perform integral calculus in his mind, which made his teachers think he was cheating ("PBS: Tesla - Master of Lightning: Tesla's Early Years"). Nikola Tesla was the inventor of the modern world; however, his contributions to science were taken for granted, never accredited for, and caused feuds in the scientific world.
To begin with, today, Nikola Tesla's inventions are constantly being taken for granted. A majority of today's technology and scientific discoveries were founded and created by Nikola Tesla. For example, Tesla was the first person to research and conduct studies on x-rays, however, German physicist Willhelm Röntgen is the inventor most credited for the invention ("Why Nikola Tesla Was the Greatest Geek Who Ever Lived - The Oatmeal"). Niko had come up with the idea eight years prior to it being constructed, but refused to ever create it because he knew the dangerous potential of electromagnetism. Niko was a dreamer and he dreamt that one day robots would be able to perform in the industry in a safe and productive manner, and this was known as the "birth of robotics." Tesla stated once, "In the twenty-first century, the robot will take place which slave labor is occupied in the ancient civilization" (Tesla). Science can thank Tesla for the robotic race we have in our world today ("5 Crazy Inventions from the Mind of Nikola Tesla").
Secondly, Nikola had many inventions that he...

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