Under Armour: Technology In Service Of Sport In South Australia

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1. Introduction
This report provides an overview about the market in South Australia for a new business related to clothing, footwear and equipment for sport and physical activities. It is necessary to research about the habits in physical activities in South Australia. Additionally, the report examines whether the name of the business is suitable to the local market.
A investigation related to the income per capita in South Australia is necessary in order to figure out whether shall exist demand for the goods offer by the new business and the possible successful of the business.
Additionally, study about the market in the industries related to clothing, footwear and equipment for sport and physical activities is going to be made in order to determine if the market is saturated or not, and to find out some key statistics in the industries as well.
Finally, it will be examined what should be the ideal place to place the new business in South Australia. In this way, it shall be examined the population distribution in the region and any incentive that local government could provide to new businesses.
2. Physical activity in Australia
Physical activity is a concern for Australian population, according to Armstrong, T, Bauman, A, and Davies, J. (2000) “A large and growing proportion of Australians see the health benefits of physical activity…”. This can be appreciated from the numbers of international awards that Australians have won in international events. It is stated that “Australia has often achieved impressive results at the elite level. In the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Australia ranked fourth overall in the medal tally behind the United States, China and Russia.” (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade n.d).
However, there are high percentage of population that do not perform sports and physical activities for competence, but just for fun or to be healthy. In this sense, "...A recent national survey showed that more than 11 million Australians aged 15 or over participated at least once a week in physical activity for exercise, recreation and sport..." (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade n.d).
The evidence presented so far provide signals about habits related to perform physical activities in Australia. However, it is the intention of this report finds out whether these habits remain in South Australia in order to place the desired business.
2.1 Sport and Physical activity habits in South Australia
According to the SA Health (2007) in its report Physical activity among South Australian Adults: Summary, it is highlighted that physical activities had increase amongst South Australian population. The report states that sufficient physical activities1 had increased 4.2% comparing years 2004 and 2007, and 5.4% in the period 1998-2007, meanwhile Sedentary2 had decreased 1.7% and 1.6% respectively.

Figure 1: Physical activity in South Australia
Source: SA Health (2007) Physical activity among South Australian Adults: Summary....

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