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Under The Dome By Stephen King Summary

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Under The DomeBy: Stephen KingReport by: Mykala HendrixsonChemistry 3BDeath. Surrounded by death. The town of Chester' mill is filled with death. How can this happen you might ask. Well, ya see, an invisible force field drops down on the town sending the people into a frenzy. The sound of plane's crashing and cars honking as they slam into this force field. Shrieks of terror fill the air as a black smudge appears on this dome like force field, almost like a blemish on a teenagers youthful face. Loud, booming sirens fill the area. For young Junior, this caused him to snap. Junior is one of those big tough jock guys. The kind you rather avoid at all costs. With an aching head, he stormes to the frail Angie's house and kills her without even a flinch. Makes me wonder what on earth is wrong with him.Turns out Angie lied to him but I don't see how that would turn someone into a complete psychopath. Later on, Junior fears of being caught by Dodee so he murders her also and shoves her dead, bleeding corpse into the pantry with Angie. I guess you could say it is a genetic default as well. His own father helped kill his own wife along with Brenda, and the two tag teamed and killed Coggins. What a wonderful family they are right? Not to mention his father, James (Jim) Rennie is a huge dictator and a Used Car Salesman and sadly a Selectman. Another one of these psychotic characters is Sam Bushey. She got raped by the towns make do police and turned homosidal and killed Roux and DeLesseps and then committed suicide by shooting her own brains out. Also, Carter attempted to assassinate Rennie but Rennie guted him like a fish. Rennie goes insane and are having hallusinations of dead people. Janked up town they got over there in Maine.Any who, a guy walking down the street with a cranky attitude soon runs into a change of terrifying events. This guy is named Dale Barbara but he goes by Barbie. Makes me think of the Barbie dolls and Ken figures from when I was a kid. Well this dude just ditched his job and was pretty sure he was gonna leave town so he didn't have to deal with Junior and his jock friends. Well, he was unfortunately not that lucky. Barbie became an eyewitness to a freak plan accident and weird birds chopped in half vertically. Severed limbs flew all over the place. Plane parts crashing down into the trees. Barbie wonders how he even survived it. A little bit of time goes by and Barbie is sort of in that panic mode but not quite. A truck driver spots Barbie and ends up breaking his nose. That was a big suprise for that guy. Cox finds ways to contact Barbie and promotes him to Colonel. Later on Barbie got put in jail and was put on a death sentence.There are a few fine woman and couple of men that make a grand appearance. Rose is the first. She owns the lovely restraunt Sweetbriar Rose. She shows that she is a strong woman whom is the sister of Twitch and has a major crush on a...

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