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Under The Sea Wind Book Report

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Rachel Carson’s Under the Sea Wind is a book of vivid descriptions of various marine animals and their habitats. It was originally published in 1941, but has been re-published since then. Under the Sea Wind is divided into three separate parts: “The Edge of the Sea”, “The Gull’s Way”, and “River and Sea”. Each of these sections from the book are actually narratives so that the reader can still be indulged in a storyline while taking in an enormous amount of information about certain animals and their surroundings. Carson does this by using metaphors and giving lively imageries of each “character”. In the back of the book, there is even an exceptionally detailed glossary with sketches that ...view middle of the document...

179-180). These quotations support the claim that humans do, in fact, play a small role in nature, yet they are not supreme, contrary to most people’s beliefs. Rather, plants, animals, and our natural resources play a significant role in the balance of nature; without them, life for humans would not be sustainable.
Throughout the entire novel, the author demonstrates dedication to the conservation of wildlife and wilderness areas. As a result, Rachel’s predominant ideology on the natural world is conservationism. In her biography in the back of the book, it is stated that “she wrote four critically acclaimed books…on conservation and natural resources” (“A Biography of Rachel Carson” section, para. 1). She believes in conserving sources of nature rather than being wasteful. The characters that she has created in Under the Sea Wind also seem to share the same principle. For example, Carson wrote that “…Pandion and his mate, who had been faithful to each other throughout life, continued to live in the nest which they had used year after year” (p. 85-86). Rather than building a new nest using additional supplies, these characters have maintained the same nest each year; they are conserving their resources. Without conservation, resources that nourish humans, plants, animals, and our natural resources would become extremely scarce, negatively impacting our world that we have come to know.
While Rachel Carson views humans as only an insignificant part of the natural world, she also perceives them as bitter. In Under the Sea Wind, Rachel stated that “The fishermen who operated movable gear competed bitterly for the few remaining places to set their nets” (19). In addition, she thinks that humans are greedy. The quote “…there had been a fight when the fishermen who owned the pound had discovered the gill netters taking a good catch of shad from their own net, which they had set directly...

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