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Under the Tuscan Sun is a story of a woman struggling to find her identity in a life filled with an abundance of obstacles, multiple friendships both surfacing and dissolving, and a plethora of unanswered questions. This is a very empowering movie for women of all ages. It demonstrates that no one can define who you are except yourself, the importance of self actualization, and that it is never too late to start your life over.The film starts off in San Francisco, California with Frances, the main character played by Diane Lane, enjoying life at a formal party. She seems to be the life of the gathering, with many people interested in what she has to say. She has nothing to worry about, and why would she? She has the perfect life. She's a successful writer multiple times over, an excellent English teacher, and she is a beautiful, trusting, intelligent, supportive, loving housewife. This fairy-tale life comes to a stop as fast as Snow White awakes with a kiss when she discovers her husband's infidelity.The scene that follows is Frances sitting in her lawyer's office going over some of the details of the divorce. It is here she finds out that her husband wants the house and most of the furniture inside so he can continue living in it with his new fiancée, former mistress. So needless to say Frances gets her house and all furniture "stolen from beneath her." The husband was able to buy out her half of everything for a fraction of what it was worth in dollars. When she was given a choice of anything she wanted, she ended up refusing everything except a few books, some clothes, and a blue egg-shaped trinket about the size of a softball. Everything else would have just reminded her of her failed marriage. She takes these few items to a half-way house for people who have experienced a divorced and are trying to get back on their feet. It is here that for the next few years she experiences depression, bitterness, and a bad case of writers block.The main character is now alone and does not want anybody's help to get her life back in order. She does rely on her two married-lesbian friends to talk to when she's feeling down. One night, the three of them are out to dinner and her friends give her the news that they are really worried about her so they bought her a ticket on a tour of Tuscany. The catch is that it is a gay tour so she doesn't have to worry about meeting any potential relationships, a huge fear settling in the back of the main character's mind. She is grateful and eventually accepts the gift that, unbeknownst to her, will lead to a major change in her life.The trip to Tuscany seems to bring forth a long dead light from within our character. She shows interest in everything around her, and more importantly she finds her ability to write hidden among the beauty of the landscape and the atmosphere of such a wonderful country. In a postcard she describes that everything is so different and beautiful in Tuscany and she even says that her...

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