Under What Conditions Should A Company Be Allowed To Test Its Employees For Drugs

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The problem of drug abuse in the United States has been a dilemma of repeatedly rising proportions. The crisis is one, which has as much significance for industry as it does for law enforcement, health and welfare agencies charged with the liability for controlling drug abuse. As indicated by a study done for the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), three of four firms with 100 employees or more may have a drug or alcohol abuse problem. Since these drug and alcohol abuses among employees are affecting some companies, the progress of new legislations and programs have taken place in those corporations. Presently, a number of organizations have adopted laws and programs that require ...view middle of the document...

As this case exhibits, drug abuse is a primary menace to the workplace, a threat that has enormous human and economic costs and has gotten the attention of many small business and corporations. Employers know drug abuse cost lives and money in the place of work. They are aware of the possible legal responsibilities. These companies cannot meet the expense of ignoring the problem, and they want as much flexibility as appropriate to best address these problems effectively and cost-effectively without violating the Civil Right.Furthermore, the executions of drug testing programs have also increased issues concerning the infringement of the Civil Rights. Some of the drug testing agendas as searches in the employee's private possessions, surveillance, and polygraph tests are not very well organized and not suitable. Most employee's find it very distressing knowing that someone will search into their purse, or being watched too closely. This type of performance may not only upset drug abusers, it will also generate irritation and disgruntlement to the non-drug abusers in the workplace. We also need to consider that good management of drug testing is possibly the most significant subject and unless testing is completed under the very highest standards of quality, and assurance, it is certain that drug testing will have an effect on many innocent people. Because preceding mistakes and errors in drug testing endanger the life of many, the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace has proposed a bill entitled the 'Private-Sector Drug-Free Workplace Act' . This Act that should be instituted by organizations goes, in short, as follows: "notice to all employees; employee testing; applicant testing; impairment evaluation procedure; providing the sample; laboratory requirements; right to a hearing; rehabilitation and treatment; confidentiality of test results; remedies for violations."This Act makes evident that fair and proper drug...

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