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Underdeveloped because of America?It has become a great amazement to me that many countries are suffering because of the jobs that America supplies for them. Before I began learning about global stratification, I often thought highly of America and the sense that we supplied jobs for those in less fortunate countries. Though this statement is true, to an extent, it brings great heartache upon me knowing that the people of other countries are working so hard and for so little. I do not understand why they should get paid less for a job just because they are not working in the United States. Aren't we trying to help these countries? Don't we want the suffering of the world's poverty to end?The hours that these hard working people put in are endless. They do not get the opportunities that we, as Americans, receive just because they are in another location in the world. Watching the documentation video in class really put a desire in my heart to help these people. I wanted to go to Indonesia and experience what they are experiencing. As, I watched the video more, I realized that I could in no way perform the endless straining hours which these young Indonesians experienced day after day, hour after hour.In the video, the people seemed very grateful for their jobs, and they did not complain about the pay. It was sad to see that these people were scared to lose their jobs and therefore hid their faces from the camera when speaking. One individual stated that she had worked very long hours, all night and all day, with only a two hour break. When asked if she could turndown the overtime, she said that it would not be acceptable and was too scared to even try to. Chance of losing this so-called great job would be at stake and who knows what else.As I stated before, would these people be getting paid differently if they were doing the same job in America? Well, it seems as though America doesn't even help out the name for America. People, generally women, of other cultures other than white tend to have similar jobs here in the United States. Working sixty to eighty hours a week, often without minimum wage or overtime pay, these women stick though the pain knowing that this is the job which they have to do in order to survive. Why do they not confront authorities with the conditions they are working under? "Workers are often intimidated from organizing or speaking out for fears of reprisal, such as job loss or deportation." (Movement 287)"Informal education often includes basic literacy and math skills that people in poorer countries need for their daily lives" (Thinking Sociologically 294). With skills as limited as these many jobs are not available for people. So, America does supply the need of employment for individuals in these cases, but why can't we pay them more money? Why are they not getting the same benefits and pay as if Americans were the ones doing the work?Due to "The rapid expansion of the global capital system has lead to an increase in...

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