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Undergraduate Social Work Application Essay

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Previously, I gave you small bits of information about myself, now I will provide a more detail description of me. I work for Catholic Guardian Services a preventive agency for 7 years as an Administrative Assistant; prior to this I was employed with FEGS Home Attendant Services as a Case Coordinator for 6 years. I graduated from Monroe College with my Associate Degree in Office Technologies and I’m currently attending Lehman College to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Social work. I intend to work with the elderly; I want to provide comfort, help and inspiration to the elderly and their love ones. I believe when you make a positive impact in someone’s life, you also make a good quality change in your own life. I’ve decided to pursue a career in social work because I enjoy inspiring people and giving relief when they are at their lowest. I wish to reframe any negative feelings or thoughts they may occur while helping others to view situations in a pessimistic frame of mind.
I am the fifth oldest of eighteen siblings, my parents moved from Chicago, Illinois to Bronx, NY where I currently reside. Both my parents come from large families; my parents loved children and filled their home with them. My mother taught at Winifred Wheeler Daycare and volunteered at her neighborhood school as the President of the Parent Teachers Association (P.T.A). She use to prepared and cooked large amounts of food as a fund raiser for the students to participate in class trips, proms/graduation etc...
Many fathers weren’t around to care for their family; my dad was one of the few dads that lived in the building, kids from the neighborhood admired my father. My father worked nights as a train operator for Amtrak, he worked hard, played sports and was a devoted husband/father. He would give the young men and woman advice on what it entails to be a responsible person; to stay out of trouble and be...

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