Underground To Canada: Ch 1 5 By: Danish Khan (Recount/Summery)

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This was essentially a Book Report assignment that my grade 8 teacher gave me. It basically summarizes the first 5 chapters of the book Underground to Canada, by Barbara Smucker via Book Report format. This should be quite use full for students under TDSB Scarborough area.==============================Novel Studies Danish KhanNovember 20th/2007Julilly: Life of a SlaveMy name is Julilly. I am a slave. I worked in the Virginia plantation, owned by Massa Hensen and his wife Missy Hensen, until I was sold to another slave trader and forced to work in another plantation in Mississippi. Sold and separated from my mammy, treated like a work horse, given little food to survive with and whipped worse than a donkey, were only some of my most difficult things to bear in my life. Only one thing remained a sign of hope for me, a land that my mammy had mentioned just before the day of our separation. A land where slaves like us were allowed to roam free, get paid for the work we do, and not have to be whipped around like little farm animals. After meeting my first friend, Liza, suddenly the road to freedom becomes apparent.It was at night, when we had first heard that a slave trader from the Deep South would be coming to our plantation. John the coachman said that Massa and Missy Hensen were planning on moving north. Massa Hensen was sick and needed to see a doctor but he didn't have the money to do so, since all the crops were turning out bad because the soil was used up and needed time to recover it's nutritious qualities. John also told us the Massa Hensen was planning to dig up some money by selling some of the slaves. That night Mammy Sally told me that we might be separated. It was then that I had first heard of Canada, a land where black people like us live freely because the law wouldn't allow any slavery there.After that night, my life changed. We woke up at four o'clock that morning; we ate breakfast then the slave trader showed up. He was a big man with a short neck, yellow teeth, and puffy pink cheeks. In his big fat fingers he carried a whip and a cat-o-nine tails. With his jaybird voice yelling across the cabins, he ordered us to line up along the road for inspection. Mammy Sally once again reminded me of Canada, the land of freedom, and cautioned me that if this ugly fat man bought one of us, we would vow reunite in Canada. The fat man briefly went down the line of slaves and picked those that were suitable to work as field hands and sent them to a wagon. As he came closer and closer to where my place in line was, fear started to build up in my heart. Finally he approached me, did a brief check then told me to get in the wagon. That was the last time I saw Mammy Sally.Traveling south in the wagon below the hot sun was like riding on a bull with a ball of fire over my head. The chattering of the wagon was not bearable. I wasn't the only one suffering. Other children were in the wagon with me, begging for water and crying for their mammies, and...

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