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Underlying Messages In The Works Of Muntean And Rosenblum

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Based on the oil paintings of Muntean and Rosenblum, there is a sense that the portraits desire a second look and to be understood by on lookers, because the paintings themselves convey messages of desperation through form and color. It is almost as if each picture tells its own story and has its own caption that must be determined and interpreted by those whom observe it. In fact, the story to be told is completely reliant on those who view the painting and possess personal experiences that can be connected to the piece. The reasons behind these interpretations relate mostly to color, value, shape and use of lines in the works of Muntean and Rosenblum.
Form plays a predominant role in these paintings, especially as far as value and shape are concerned. For example, the eyes of the subject in the “What surrounds us we endure…” painting are piercing and ice-cold, conveying desperation and a need to be heard. The eyes look piercing and distressed due to their light blue color which contrasts with the darks shadows enclosing them. Through their body language and facial expressions, the three men in the picture express anxiety, stress and depression which are perhaps due to the rain-streaked night sky, the lonely sidewalk and bus stop and the use of dark, cool hues which surround them. Also, the value of the man in the foreground is very intense because he is lighter than the background and creates an eerie sensation. It is also a focal point in the piece because of the drastic contrast between light and dark fashioned by the strong use of shadow. The remaining two men that occupy the background of the picture seem to be completely exposed to light, almost representing a sense of being scrutinized, but not understood due to the cry for help they portray through movement, or lack thereof. The intensity of the value in the picture creates a dreary and almost damp mood due to its unsettling nature. The people within this portrait are lost in a certain point of their lives and are in search of answers or for something – or someone – to save them.
An observer would be drawn to “They had never been able…” because the value of the painting is fresh and encompasses decent contrast between the three males in the foreground and the whimsical forest area in the background. It almost appears as if a spotlight is on the men, making them the subject of this particular piece. The contorted and morbid fashion in which the men are positioned counter-acts the optimistic hue pattern and could suggest that the men are searching for a larger perspective of something. Perhaps it is life itself. However, the path to discovery is distorted and confusing, just as being lost in a forest would be. The color in this piece is more cool and simple compared to “What surrounds us we endure…”. Many shades of greens and blues were utilized, adding a soothing sensation to the piece. However, this may just be a tool which the artists used to contrast the way the men are laying in...

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