Understand The Latest Internet Speaking Language As I Pv6.

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Table of Contents1.Brief Introduction to IPv6------------------------------------------------------1.IPv4 Addressing--------------------------------------------------------2.History and Development of IPv6--------------------------------------------3.Detail Description of the Features Included in IPv6-----------------------1.IPv6 Addressing Scheme---------------------------------------------1.IPv6 Addressing Space-------------------------------------------2.Current Allocation-------------------------------------------------3.Types of IPv6 Addresses-----------------------------------------2.IPv6 header-------------------------------------------------------------1.IPv6 Extension Header-------------------------------------------3. Routing Issues for IPv6-----------------------------------------------4. DNS Extension for IPv6----------------------------------------------1.Host Address (AAAA) resource record------------------------2.IP6.INT Domain---------------------------------------------------5. ARP and Neighbour Discovery in IPv6-----------------------------4.IPv6 Authentication and Security--------------------------------------------1.Need of Adding Security In IP---------------------------------------2.IPsec in Detail----------------------------------------------------------5.Mobility in IPv6-----------------------------------------------------------------1.Auto Configuration----------------------------------------------------1.Autoconfigured Address States----------------------------------2.Types of Autoconfiguration--------------------------------------3.Autoconfiguration Process---------------------------------------2.Mobile IP---------------------------------------------------------------6.References------------------------------------------------------------------------Brief Introduction to IPv4The Internet Protocol is the glue that holds together modern computer networks. IP specifies the way that messages are sent from computer to computer; it essentially defines a common "language" that is spoken by every computer stationed on the Internet.On the Internet, the connections between computers are shared by all of the conversations. Data is sent in blocks of characters called datagram, or more colloquially, packets (As in figure). Each packet has a small block of bytes called the header, which identifies its sender and intended destination on each computer. Another, usually larger, block of characters of data called the packet's contents, follows the header. [1]After the packets reach their destination, they are often reassembled into a continuous stream of data; this fragmentation and reassembly process is usually invisible to the user. As there are often many different routes from one system to another, each packet may take a slightly different path from source to destination. Because the Internet switches packets, instead of circuits, it is called a packet-switching network.IPv4 addressingEvery device in the computer world, which works...

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