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When one states something they usually feel as if it is completely certain. Author Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote “On Certainty” which is a series of notes; the author wrote these notes towards the end of his life. The series is about matters related to knowledge, doubt, and skepticism. Even though Wittgenstein notes were not organized, certain themes and preoccupations were present. He is usually addressed as one of the most misunderstood philosophers in history. Due to his method of philosophy, he was able to see life very different. Attacking methods other philosophers’ used such as the proposition and blatantly exposed them as senseless or even nonsense. According to him a proposition has no ...view middle of the document...

It makes perfect sense that we have hands what else would they claim to be. “ How does someone judge which is his right and which his left hand? How do I know that my judgment will agree with someone else's? How do I know that this color is blue? If I don't trust myself here, why should I trust anyone else's judgment? Is there a why? Must I not begin to trust somewhere? That is to say: somewhere I must begin with not-doubting; and that is not, so to speak, hasty but excusable: it is part of judging” (Wittgenstein). However one important point made in the notes, are there is logical connection that is between our doubts and overall knowledge. Human understanding begins to come into play when individual realize what it means to obtain knowledge while in contrast what it means to not have knowledge or doubt as well. The biggest statements in these notes are that every attempt at justification of our knowledge may be challenged “I want to say; we use judgments as principles of judgment” (Wittgenstein). This relates to human understanding because growing up concepts are embedded that certain things are the way they are just because; therefore there is no real understanding behind it. Meaning growing up traditional concepts usually are abided which may become immune to possible sought.
Throughout the notes Wittgenstein continuously discusses and defines human understanding. “ From its seeming to me or to everyone to be so it doesn’t follow that it is so what we can ask is whether it can make sense to doubt it” this extract connects in an abundance of ways to human understanding. The first way it connects to human understanding is sometimes we are not sceptic which means sometimes things seem to be the case when they are not. A lot of the times there are predicaments where doubt is appropriate. But individuals may think something does not make sense to doubt such as you have two ears or the earth exist many years. Sometimes we do get things mistaken about the world around us, but in many cases we are actually accurate that’s why we fail to question. As humans we have this comfort level in which if it does not seem easy to prove we won’t mess with the...

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