Understanding And Controlling Worker Absenteeism. Essay

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Absenteeism affects every organization in different ways. There seems at times to be no clear culprit and to have no easy cure. Absenteeism does not discriminate and affects individuals no matter their sex, race, or religion. It is important to acknowledge that absenteeism has consequences and most importantly that it costs organizations money. By understanding why employees sometimes choose not to come to work when they are fully able and capable, employers can reduce unnecessary effects of absenteeism.DEFINITION:There are several definitions of absenteeism. It can be as simple as an absence from work or "an individual's unavailability for work when work is available for the individual." Another source used the definition, "any unscheduled time off from work, regardless of whether it is paid or excused." This is the definition I will use for this research paper for two reasons. First it clarifies that the absence is unscheduled. The two previous definitions do not take into account if the absence is scheduled or unscheduled. This is a big factor when employers deal with absences. Generally, they can plan and prepare for a scheduled absence. On the other hand, when an absence is unexpected and unplanned in advance, an organization can run into problems. Second, this definition adds that the absence may be either paid or excused. An employee may call and be legitimately sick and get still get paid for having a sick day available. This still qualifies as absenteeism, and still would even if the employee was not legitimately sick. It is important to add that absenteeism can be paid, unpaid, excused or not excused to clarify that all fall under the category of absenteeism. Scheduled absences, however, regardless of whether they are paid or excused or not considered to be absenteeism.REASONS.Why are employees absent from work? There are many reasons why workers have to miss work. Basically, these reasons fall into two groups--involuntary and voluntary. Involuntary reasons are inevitable and include illness and death in the family. They are out of the control of the employee and are sometimes referred to as certified. The other group of reasons is voluntary or uncertified. These voluntary absences are avoidable and the least desirable of the two. This is because they are not considered to be a legitimate reason as to why the employee missed work. Below I have compiled a chart of involuntary and voluntary reasons. It should be noted that depending on the circumstances surrounding the situation, a reason could be in either category.Involuntary Reasons (inevitable) Voluntary Reasons (avoidable)- certified medical illness- certified accident- work related accident- domestic accident- jury duty- funeral- union activities- family reasons- maternity, paternity, and adoption leave- religious reason- military leave - feeling tired- feeling bored- wanting a break- disciplinary suspension- personal reason- business reason- uncertified medical illness- uncertified...

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