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Autism is a behavioral syndrome usually presenting behavior abnormalities before the child is thirty months of age. These behavioral abnormalities include marked social deficits, specific language abnormalities and stereotyped, receptive behaviors. Although the exact etiology of autism is not known it is now believed that it is a dysfunction of one or more unidentified brain systems and not the result of parental and environmental influences. Variations in symptomology and in prognosis among autistic persons depend on both the severity and the extent of the underlying brain dysfunction (Parritz, Troy 136). Several studies have been conducted including neuron anatomic imaging, microscopic neuroanatomic observations and positron emission tomography in order to locate this dysfunction. (Parritz, Troy 133) Although some of the studies have reported abnormalities in various areas of the brain among the autistic patients, no common site or abnormality has yet been found. Current research suggests that differences in the development of the brain and central nervous system cause autism. What causes these differences in brain development is not known for sure. However a variety of factors are being investigated. These include genetic, infectious, and environmental factors. Autism is four times more prevalent in boys than girls. A parent, pediatrician, or teacher may observe possible symptoms of autism, and screening test can help determine if a child is at risk of having autism. A formal diagnosis of autism requires an evaluation by an experienced psychiatrist, psychologist, or a neurologist. Some individuals are easy to diagnose, but in milder cases of cases with other occurring symptoms it can be difficult to obtain a diagnosis. Some children are initially misdiagnosed with other disorders, such as speech delay or ADHD. A clinician should be basing their diagnosis on both a personal interaction with the child and a discussion with the parents or their behavior in other settings. Children with autism are most likely to develop a developmental disorder with different discrepancies and difficulties at various ages. It is expected that children with autism will struggle with establishing and maintain compensating relationships. Only half of children with autism who are in comprehensive classrooms are involved in the social networks of their classrooms. It’s very difficult for children with autism to be in a classroom with children who don't have a disorder. Children with this sickness can't function just like everyone else; they need attentive care and affection. Children with autism are more likely to be isolated across all grade levels because, when they are in a room with too many people it gets overwhelming to him or her and we as a parent, peer, or teacher have to be understanding about that. The older he or she becomes with this sickness, the more isolate they become. However difficult interactions like friendship and relationships...

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1532 words - 6 pages Evaluating AutismType your name here COM/156University of Phoenix 1 7 Evaluating AutismEileen Miller said, "In reference to Einstein's definition of insanity...No Mr. Einstein, that is not insanity that is autism". With the majority of people not having an understanding of what Autism is or how to recognize the symptoms of this disorder, perhaps more people should be made aware of Autism instead of writing the disorder off as an odd


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1314 words - 5 pages boys. This information was taken from research done at the University College London and Bristol Universities. Works Cited Schleter, Brian M. “Understanding the root causes of autism.” Penn Current., 21 May 2009. Web. 29 Sept. 2013. http://www.upenn.edu/pennnews/current/node/4060 “Autism Spectrum Disorders.” Center for Disease Control and Prevention., 27 June 2013. Web. 29 Sept. 2013 http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/data.html Novella

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1358 words - 6 pages which contributed to the finding consistent with 3 independent cognitive downfalls of autism spectrum disorder. Pellicano, Maybery, Durkin, & Maley (2006) contemplated that WCC can happen along side shortcoming in social cognation, rather than explaining them Although both cognitive theories have their strengths and weaknesses both have made valid contributed to the understanding and treatment of ASD. Nonetheless both theories lack the ability

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686 words - 3 pages treatments, people who are affected by autism can live a longer and fuller life. Works Cited Autism-Society.org. Autism Society, 2004. Web. 13 Jan. 2014. AutismSpeaks.org. Autism Speaks Inc, 2013. Web. 13 Jan. 2014. Jhaveri, Sonal. Diseases and Disorders. New York: Marshall Cavendish Reference, 2008. Print. Rodier, Patricia M. “Autism.” World Book Encyclopedia. 2012. Print. Sanghavi, Darshak. “Understanding Autism.” Parents. Oct. 2011: 158-162. Print.

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