Understanding Capacitive Touch Screens Essay

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Understanding Capacitive Touch Screens

By Alva Deng

Since Apple released the first generation iPhone on June 29, 2007(Honan, Mathew, "Apple unveils iPhone", 2007), the way of using handphone started to change .The biggest change is a handphone could control a big touch screen without using a pen on it. Touch screen interfaces are effective in many other appliances as well, like tablets, laptop and TVs which influences the technological researches in recent 5-6 years. The objective of this essay is to briefly explain the principals involved in the working of capacitive touch technology .The main focus will be on the basics of what is contained inside a capacitive touch screen and what the ...view middle of the document...

Then, the change in capacitance at this moment will be measured and will be used to pinpoint the location of the touching finger. After that, the screen will be standardized automatically so that it will responds to the change in capacitance only which is nearly equal to the value which is detected by a human finger touching the screen and accordingly avoid unexpected touches to the screen from other factors.
The other type is a mutual-capacitance system. This system have a grid of wires. The X-axis working on carrying current while X-axis working on sensing the capacitance between them. Both axis are working at same time and can be switched over. And you could have a capacitor at each location as well rather than using an electrode. The local electric field will be changed as well as the mutual capacitance of the capacitor array or wires in both trusses while a human finger getting close to the screen. Because it has a dielectric constant difference from the air. The working process is easy to understand. Firstly, the electric field will be changed and the collective capacitance of the wires or the capacitor array will be affected as well. Then, the location date will be collect and sent to the processor for calculation. Which is similar to a self-capacitance system, the sensitivity be calibrated, only respond to human body.
After the screen sent data to processor and the processor received data from screen. The processor will start to do some works: removing noise signals, calculating the centre location of the intended touch area, managing multiple touches to individual units if user point more fingers on screen, determine the gesture locus which is being executed .Then...

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