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It is hard for anyone to grasp the concept or be able to understand why people commit heinous crimes or engage in criminal activities. We as human beings are all capable of committing or engaging in delinquent behavior. What stands in the way of a person that makes them decided to engage in deviant behavior or to choose not to commit crimes at all? We may never truly know or understand the real reasons behind why certain people make decisions like these everyday. Early philosophers and scientists looked carefully and dug deep into the Criminal Justice System and the behavior of criminals using theories to explain criminal behavior. With these theories they were able to come up two distinctive schools (Classical and Positive) that explained different views on why people decided to commit crimes.
We all use theories in our everyday life. We make assumptions about certain things that in turn allow us to form a kind of theory or thought. We gather these assumptions very early on in life, by what we have been taught or have learned. Exactly what is a theory and how is it different form a hypothesis? A theory is a set of statements or principles that explain how two or more events are related to each other. A hypothesis is an explanation for an observation, or natural phenomenon that can be tested and retested for further investigation. Theories can be concrete or either abstract. Knowing that when you turn the knob on the fault water will come out or knowing that it might rain if you see clouds in the sky. These theories are relatively simple or concrete. Abstract theories are very difficult to apply to our reality. It is very difficult in testing the concept that the faster you travel the slower time gets. When you are conducting your research, there are two methods that you can use Quantitative and Qualitative validations. The way that you measure and test your theory, is known as Quantitative. Using a specific time, measurement of data (crunching numbers), is known as Qualitative. The way that people use these terms depends greatly on how they understand them and how they are using them at a given time, theories can also help us understand our social norms. Having a good theory is to be able to understand all the areas that the theory deals with, it is not only easier on you as the researcher, but it is also easier for you to understand what other theorist was writing about.
One of the oldest conceptions about the Criminal Justice System and crime emerged out of the eighteenth century, best known as the Classical School of criminology. During this period theorist paved a way for some basic ideas about the operation of the Criminal Justice System and the processing of sentencing. The Classical School was not interested in studying criminals but more focused on lawmaking and the legal process. Best known for their works and were the most influential during this...

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