Understanding Hate And Predjudice Essay

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AbstractAnti-Semitism can be defined most simply as hostility directed at Jews solely because they are Jews. In spite of what anti-Semites profess, anti-Semitism is not caused by the actions or beliefs of Jews, but rather is a result of attitudes and behavior that arise regardless of what Jews do or believe. Anti-Semites are antagonistic to Jews for who they are and what they represent, a religion and a culture.Understanding Hate and PrejudiceThe workforce of the future will represent a broad range of gender, age, and ethnic differences. It is critical for people entering the workforce to be aware of these changes and of the necessity to work with all different kinds of people. Learning to appreciate differences is a workplace requirement. The increased use of human relations skills will lead to a much higher quality of life and a more pleasant work environment with less strife or conflict. When people are getting along well with one another a workplace has increased productivity, fewer errors, a positive feeling of team spirit and lower employee turnover.Prejudice, Discrimination, and ScapegoatingWithout examining a person on his or her own merit, we have already adopted a negative attitude that implies a judgment. A prejudice is a mixture of beliefs and feelings that predisposes people to respond negatively to members of a particular group."Prejudice is an emotional, rigid attitude. It leads one to select certain facts for emphasis, blinding one to other facts. It causes one to look on all members of a group as if they were alike". (Simpson and Yinger, 1972) Social prejudice is a negative, hostile, rigid and emotional attitude towards a person simply because he or she is perceived to belong to a group, and is presumed to possess the negative qualities ascribed to the group as a result of selective, obsolete or faulty evidence.The beliefs that make up the cognitive component of prejudice are called stereotypes. Stereotypes are categories of cognitions concerning the members of a particular group. These cognitions are usually simple, often over generalized, and frequently inaccurate. Stereotypes are not simply abstractions about group categories. They can act as cognitive filters through which we select what information to use, what to ignore, and how to interpret it.A crucial factor in prejudice appears to be the affective component. Stereotypes do not exist in isolation. They are accompanied by emotions, which are usually expressed in terms that can be distributed along a continuum ranging from the intensely negative to the very positive.Scapegoating is the practice of blaming an individual or group for a real or perceived failure of others. The origin of the term comes from the Bible. The high priest in Biblical times would place his hand upon a goat's head and transfer the sins of the community to the goat, which was then released into the desert.It is not uncommon to blame others for our own mistakes, and especially to affix blame on those...

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