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Understanding How Hitler Became The Man He Was

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What comes to mind when people hear the name Adolf Hitler? For some may not have heard of him but others have heard much about him depicting on the fact that someone could have learned about him in a class or even on their own. Most would think about the dictator of Germany who killed millions of people as the image of his notorious mustache pops into one's head. But what if some were to know that he wasn’t always the man everyone saw in 1933. Adolf Hitler may have been the most charismatic and decisive leader Germany has ever seen but also one of the most vile. How did he come to be this way? He surely wasn’t born like that was he?
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Hitler then left school due to his lack of success in his studies. Quite often, since Hitler didn’t attend school would go to theatres & operas. Him and his mother would travel to the city of Vienna where Hitler then aspired the dream to become an architect. He then decided to leave his mother to study in Vienna. Then in 1908 he applied for the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts but was rejected . While there his mother was home suffering from breast cancer and died a few months later. There is Vienna he became roommates with his friend from Linz, August Kubizek. Kubizek described Hitler by having an unstable personality and a temper. Hitler was prone to sudden bursts of inspiration but never finished anything he started. In Vienna he suffered bouts of depression and sometimes experienced extreme highs. Soon at age 21 Hitler began to become interested in politics which would help play out his soon to be career (Hitler, Adolf).
In May 1913, Hiter moved to Munich Germany which he became an advocate for the upcoming war. Hitler wasn’t worried about making a living in Munich because of his faith in the war arising, but Hitler was right. On August 1, 1914 a huge crowd including Hitler gathered in a big public plaza in Munich to celebrate the german proclamation for war. Hearing the news Hitler thanked heaven for him to be alive for the Great War. Two days later, Hitler volunteered for the German Army. Hitler found the trenches of the battlefield to be his new home. Through his recent years of being alone and uncertainty he now had a sense of belonging and purpose. Throughout the war Hitler showed many traits of bravery such as volunteering for dangerous missions. He never complained about the bad food and the conditions. He rarely received packages from home and never asked for leave. On October 7, 1916 Hitler was wounded in the leg by a shell fragment during the Battle of Somme. It was his first time being away from the front when he was hospitalized in Germany. While he was recovery he went sightseeing in Berlin and then assign little duty in Munich. He was disgusted by the anti-war sentiment among the German civilians and blamed the Jews because he saw them as conspiring to undermine the German War effort. When Hitler returned to the front he received the Iron Cross 1st Class. Hitler continued fighting even when the tide of the war was turning on the Germans. Closer to the end of the war, in 1918, Hitler was blinded by a chlorine gas attack near Ypres. Soon later his eyesight returned and Hitler learned of the defeat of his beloved country. Soon his eyesight was gone again, from possibly hysterical blindness of hypochondria. Hitler grew amounts of hate for the loss. He had hatred not for the military but for the politicians and even the Jews.
After the loss of WWI, Germany was hit with the aftermath the hardest. Germany was left with humiliation and the Treaty Versailles didn’t help Germany get back into shape. The treaty was harsh, leaving the...

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