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Understanding How Microsystems Can Affect Macrosystems And Viceversa To Accomplish Stategic Direction Within Healthcare Systems

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Determined healthcare systems routinely examine their environments internally and externally to locate significant trends and forces in the present and for the future which will have an effect on their performance goals and mission efforts. These healthcare systems understand who their stakeholders are, their needs and how best to meet those expectations and needs. These systems give attention to specific efforts on accomplishing goals that acquire opportunities in the whole environment while they continue to adjust their internal structures and functions. Precise aims are dealt with by uninterrupted sequences for performance improvements. Strategic directions for systems originate from the mission and directives. Strategic directions are identified by observing key stakeholders, addressing their interests and being proactive about responding to current, as well as, future shifts and trends in the systems’ entire environment (Skinner, 2001).
The goal of this paper is to understand how microsystems can affect macro systems and vice versa when attempting to accomplish strategic direction within healthcare systems, how microsystems help to deliver on a healthcare system’s vision and delivery of that vision, how performance measures at both levels are used when looking at strategic drive, and how healthcare systems can begin to change inefficiencies to become more effective on both levels.
This paper will further address: For strategic drive to be successful on both levels, each level should begin to have an understanding of why things are done in certain ways and how their work impacts others within their system; Organizations need motivators to improve strategic direction of the system; and Performance towards strategic direction on the macro level will only advance if microsystem units perform their duties differently.

Dedicated healthcare systems examine their total environment for significant trends and forces in the present and for the future that affect their performance goals and mission. These systems understand who their stakeholders are, the needs of those stakeholders and how best they are meeting their expectations and needs. The system gives attention to specific efforts on accomplishing goals that acquire opportunities in the total environment while adjusting internal structures and functions. Precise aims are dealt with by uninterrupted sequences for performance improvements. Strategic directions originate from the systems mission and directives. Strategic directions are identified by supplying careful notice to key stakeholders. This notice is given by addressing their interests and being proactive about responding to current, as well as, future shifts and trends in the systems’ entire environment (Skinner, 2001).
A micro system in health care delivery may be described as a small-scale group of people that work together regularly to supply care to distinct secondary populations of patients. There are...

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