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A person may ask themselves what is a term paper and why write one? Well, a term paper is usually meant to encourage someone to learn more about a particular subject and/or test things you have already learned. They are usually assigned at the start of a class and are due at the end. It is usually a major grade or the final grade. Learning to write a good term paper will help you throughout your life.
When assigned a term paper, you should always start early. Do not wait until a week before it is due. Divide your time into three sections. First, choose a topic. This will make doing research easier for you. Second, doing research. Make sure to be thorough. And Lastly, writing. Play to your audience, meaning remember who you are writing for. Also do not be afraid to ask questions. It does not matter if you ask in private or in class, but make sure you completely understand the assignment.
You may wonder what the difference between a term paper and an essay. It’s pretty simple, an essay is based mainly on personal ideas and feelings. On the other hand, a term paper requires research and gathering facts.
There are three types of term paper:
1) Term papers that are your idea
2) A new interpretation of paper already written
3) Taking a bulk of information and arranging it in a new way
When choosing your type of term paper keep your writing style in mind.
When choosing a topic for your term paper, choose something interesting. Find out if the topic is restricted to topics from your instructor or if you are free to choose what you would like. Try to pick a subject about a hobby or pet as long as the subject can be researched. Just make sure to refine your topic to the appropriate size for the paper. A great way to choose a topic is by brainstorming. Don’t forget to ask for help any time you feel you may need it.
After choosing your topic you should begin your preliminary outline. Write a one paragraph general summary of the topic. Also if there are any illustrations, remember to take notes on them as well.
When writing a term paper you have to include reference sources. When you need concise information on your subject you should look in a card catalogue, interviews, encyclopedias or special books. A good place to start looking would be the library.

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