Understanding Human Behavior Is Critical To Organizations Discuss The Benefits Of Self Evaluation/Self Assessment As It Relates To Leaders Today

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One of the advantages of using self-assessments is that it can promote individuals to develop their skills on their own without any formal training. Informal learning has been argued to represent one of the most prevalent forms of learning in the workplace and has been described as an iceberg in which most of its mass is hidden beneath the surface (Halliday & Beddie, 2009). Although researchers have just begun to study the processes involved in informal learning, it appears that the field has significant potential. Leaders who are actively trying to further their careers would be interested in how they could use their self-assessment of their skills as a basis in which they can further develop their skill sets in the future without any formal training.
Leader self-development enables leaders to adapt to the continually changing environment both within and outside of the organization and there are many theories to describe the construct of leader self-development and the processes by which it can serve as an organizational leadership development strategy (Reichard & Johnson, 2011). One such theory was developed into a multi-level model of leader self-development linking organizational level constructs such as human resources practices and resources with group level phenomena of norms, supervisor style, and social networks with the individual leader self-development process (Reichard & Johnson, 2011). This approach has merit and could be valuable for many organizations because leader self-development is a cost-effective way for organizations to develop leaders resulting in competitive edge.
Informal learning is often a result of self-assessment and is also associated with organizational culture. Many of the top organizations are actively trying to build a learning culture. Some larger organizations may have formal onboarding training which they try to embed different concepts related to self-assessment and informal learning into new organizational members. This allows new organizational members to have the tools necessary to be active participants in furthering their own development. Although not all members will fully utilize these skills, leaders or aspiring leaders will likely have a level of motivation necessary for utilizing tools that can further their own development.
Some researchers argue that today’s organizational models are not adapted to fundamental human nature; rather they are typically founded on hierarchical organizations that limit or constrain organizations creativity and their willingness to walk the extra mile (Senge, 2006). In modern organizations, the ability for team members to engage in self-directed learning for the purpose of acquiring the particular skills they need in order to further organizational goals represents the ideal behaviors found in a high performance organization. However, for...

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