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Visual Awareness and DesignThe content is a matter of our head and our heart, but the effectiveness is a function of our visual literacy.Graphic design deals with theme of Nonverbal MessageWe become what we beholdAccomplishing the Goal1. Identification of the problem and its contextual constraints.2. Specification of the goals and of the criteria for acceptable solution3. Hypothesis or invention of possible alternative solutions4. Simulation or production of a testable representation of the proposed solution5. Testing or the application of the acceptance criteria to the simulation of the proposed solution by the appropriate person6. Comparison and rank-ordering of acceptable solutions7. Implementation of the most suitable alternative solution8. Evaluation of the implemented alternative, in use in the real-worldPhases of Design1. Preliminary Design in which those concerned with a problem, working mostly by themselves, use chiefly schematic and abstract representations to clarify the nature of the problem and to evoke some notion of whether a solution is possible, as well some idea of the nature of the possible solutions. Subsequent stages of this phase involve more specific representations in analogic and iconic form for use in testing the tentative responses of others who are, or will be, concerned with the design or the consequences of it implementation.2. Detail Design in which, with the design constraints and criteria now more firmly established and the preliminary responses of all those concerned or affected being favorable, a more specific development of all details of the proposal is made with the aid of representations suited to the needs of those who implement them.3. Approval in which the final reviews of all aspects by all concerned, including the public authorities, are undertaken, and, after any necessary revisions, authorization to proceed obtained.4. Implementation wherein construction commitments are solicited and made (after possible recycling back to phase B) and the actual modification of the environment occurs. Note that the design process does not end here but continues on the next phase.5. Evaluation and Management in which the newly modified environment takes its place as part of the world. It is at this point that the whole design process is subjected to the final and ultimate test: in the real-world manifestation of the design hypothesis, are the predetermined objectives now realized; are the acceptable criteria satisfied? Furthermore, in this phase the environmental managers must respond to changes as they occur, within the time constraints of the real-world-a process also involving new cycles of problem identification (in response to malfunctioning of an existing environment), solution hypothesis, environmental intervention, response sampling, and feedback for rehypothesis and reintervention.Proficiency1. Conceptual Awareness (the scientist's brain) Since the is blind to what the mind does not see, the conscious...

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