Understanding Justice And Human Rights Essay

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Justice can be defined as, valuing the diversity and challenging the injustice in society while human rights refer to, benefits an individual enjoys by virtual of being a human being. Justice is said to exist when all citizens share a general humanity and, therefore, experience equitable treatment, fair community resource sharing and human right support. According to justice citizens are not supposed to be discriminated, nor their well being or welfare prejudiced or constrained on the lines of gender, religion, age, belief, race, political affiliation and even sexuality.

Nathaniel Bacon was leader who believed in war as a means of obtaining justice and

protecting the rights of slaves (Zinn 23). He fought as a rebellion leader against the England

and died when the uprising was suppressed. Bacon justice attained justice from the Indians who constantly threatened the whites. They were pushed westwards into the Indian boundary.

The human rights do not advocate for oppression as a means of attaining justice in the society.

Bacon divided the Indians into small groups with an aim of controlling them. He violated the right to democracy and did not allow the Indians to control themselves. He divided the Indians based on their ethnic background. The Indians formed a gang and attacked a white headman, which resulted to whites declaring war against the Indians, and they killed quite a number of them. According to the whites justice was attained, but the Indians suffered from this warfare as their right to life was interfered. If bacon was alive in the present era, he could divide people according to races, and within the different races, he could encourage vices in ethnicity.



rule forced the citizens to pay taxes to be used to finance war. This they did in a brutal way that was against human rights. Paying tax should be done willingly and depending on the income of the citizens. Taxes should be used to improve the economy of a nation rather than in war activities. In the present era Bacon could rule a country low in standards of living, with women and men heavily taxed to fund warfare activities.

Bacon advocates for social classes in the societies. He had his own social class and owned large tracks of land. He only cared of the high social class individuals in the society and never bothered to help the helpless Indians. He used these Indians as slaves to acquire more wealth. The human rights advocate for equality in the society. Having disparities amongst citizens could be the present situation if Bacon was still a leader in Virginia.

After the death of Bacon, Thomas Grantham forcefully disarmed the rebellions in Virginia and captured the Indian slave. He delivered the slaves to their lords in a ship. The act was contrary to the human rights and social justice. The slaves were denied the freedom of movement and right to live anywhere they wanted. If Grantham...

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