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Understanding Of Transgender And Intersex Essay

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Transgender and intersexed are not what one typically contemplates of when thinking about societies general interpretation of gender definitions. Transgender meaning that one’s gender expression does not match their assigned sex and intersex being person who is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit the typical definitions of female or male. The concept of transgender and intersex disrupts the very thought of gender being a binary. The biological body is stereotypically assumed to be a single organically combined natural object categorized by one and only one of the two offered sex statuses, is discernibly no such thing (Stryker). This disruption in turn works towards ...view middle of the document...

According to Phoebe, the documentary’s main focus, being intersexed left her feeling unsure of herself. She spoke of a sense of isolation and the pressures she received from others about being different. Having to make up lies to cover up things, the difficulty in finding a partner and problems that occur when they do; were among what she expressed to be the life issues affected by being intersex. Phoebe and the others that the documentary surrounded also spoke of having both mental and physical scars. Those physical scars are a result of the many surgeries intersex babies go through to make them “normal”. Doctors play a huge role in the life and future of an intersexed child. They not only make the decision of which gender binary the child best fits, they surgically alter the child to make sure it fits.
People like The New Yorker's Emily Greenhouse disagree with the fact that doctors have so much control over this process. Intersex advocates like Greenhouse persuasively debate that the reason for the medical choosing of sex by doctors and sometimes parents is solely about the comfort of the male/female binary. In her article Emily Greenhouse label’s the surgeries as an invasive practice performed "just so nurses can tick 'male' or 'female' on a child’s...

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