Understanding Spalling Concrete: Signs, Causes And The Importance Of Repairs

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If you’re planning to have a pre-purchase inspection in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, there may be some things in the inspection report that may confuse you or you may want to know more of. Especially if it’s your first time getting a building inspection, you may not be too familiar with the terms indicated in the report. One of the most common queries we have from our clients is about spalling concrete. You may have the same question. So what is spalling concrete? How is it caused and is it a cause for alarm if a house is identified to have this?
Here at Inspect It let us help you understand more about it so you’ll know how to deal with it whether you’re selling your house or you’re a prospective buyer.
Spotting Signs of Damage
There are certain signs that tell you a house has spalling concrete or what others call concrete cancer. These are the most common signs you can see:
• There are slight rust stains found on the surface. This is one of the first few signs that you may notice.
• The surface of the concrete is rough and flaky. It may also pit.
• There are loose chunks of concrete.
• The concrete has cracks and some portions may break off from the surface.
Knowing the Cause behind It
There are several reasons that contribute to the development of spalling concrete. One of the reasons is human error or simple carelessness. Sometimes during construction, the pouring of the cement is not done right and this in the future can result to spalling concrete. The proper way to do cementing is first to mix concrete with the right amount of water. It should be as dry as possible to avoid weakening the material with a high water content. Secondly, you would need to cure the cement carefully. All these need to be followed to ensure a high quality material. If not then it may lead to concrete cancer....

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