Understanding Specific Needs In Health And Social Care Honor's 3rd Year Assignment

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Understanding special needs of health and social care
Introduction: 2
Task 01 2
1.1 Analyzing concepts of health, disability, illness and behavior in relation to user of health and social care services: 2
1.2 Assessing how perceptions of specific needs have changed over time in care homes with respect to factors like labels, stigma, discrimination, oppression, rights etc.: 3
1.3 Analyzing the impact of legislation, society policy, society and culture on the ways that services are made available for individuals with specific needs: 3
Task 02 4
2.1 Analyzing the care needs of Mr. Holland Park with some specific needs: 4
2.2 Explaining current systems for supporting individuals with specific needs: 5
2.3 Evaluating the services available in a chosen locality for individuals with specific needs: 5
Task 3 6
3.1 Explain the approaches and interventions available to support individuals with specific needs: 6
3.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of intervention strategies for an individual with specific need (s): 7
3.3 Discuss the potential impact of emerging developments on support for individuals with specific needs: 8
Task 4 9
4.1 Explain different concepts of challenging behavior in service care homes: 9
4.2 Describe the potential impact of challenging behavior on health and social care organizations: 10
4.3 Analyze strategies for working with challenging behaviors associated with specific needs in care homes: 10
Conclusion 11
Health and social care refers to the matter which basically relates to the available services of health and social care got from the care providers. People in society are not free from disability or illness. For ensuring their health safety they have to get social care services from the care organizations. In order to lead a healthy life, persons are to be aware about the policies, regulations, provisions about getting the help from various kinds of health and social care organization. Here the selected organization is GREENBROOK Healthcare. From this organization both Mr. Holland Park and his family members will get care services.
Task 01
1.1 Analyzing concepts of health, disability, illness and behavior in relation to user of health and social care services:
At the field of health and social care there remain various kinds of terms and concepts. According to the first scenario there is a patient named Mr. Holland Park who requires care services. In relation to Mr. Holland Park who is a user of care, the concepts of health, disability, illness and behavior have been analyzed.
In general sense, health refers to the both physical and mental well-being of an individual or groups. On the basis of the opinion of World Health Organization, health is termed as the condition of complete mental, physical and social well-being and absence of all kinds of diseases. In addition to only the lack of any kind of disability is termed as health (Rosenberg, 1998).
The persons who suffers from physical, mental...

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