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Understanding The Business World Essay

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Learning Review.

This course arises with the aim to develop competences and skills to enhance the future career prospects of university students. This module has had a positive impact in different personal development competences, in communication, self- management, self-confidence and the ability to learn effectively in different learning styles.
The "Understanding the Business World" module has enabled me to reflect upon my own learning, performance and achievement and to plan for my personal, educational and career development.
The course was useful in understanding of the interconnected nature of business organisations and the importance of decision making in increasingly competitive and globalized markets.
I have learned the key concepts in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and business ethics, equality and diversity, unified around the concept of achieving business objectives through people. The lecture has been introduced in order to view the business world as a collection of interconnected processes to develop a range of analytical techniques and critical thinking skills to current academic approaches and cross-functional issues and arguments through different integrated case studies.
The module has analysed business-society relations through the theories and practices of business ethics and social responsibility and how business ethics has evolved from theoretical frameworks as to how business should be managed.
The knowledge and the skills that has brought the course to me was mainly an introduction in understanding the development of appropriate business policies and strategies to meet stakeholder needs within a changing environment, the development of understanding of the role of CSR policies (Business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility) and business ethics in the modern corporation and the importance of sustainability issues, including an understanding of the challenges and opportunities emerging from the activities of people and organisations on the social, economic and environmental conditions of the future.
The module has also developed a sensitivity and openness to diversity in terms of people, cultures, business and management issues.
What I liked most was the moral awareness of current and future business professionals by developing an understanding for ethics and applying it to a range of business difficulty.
It was an interdisciplinary approach based on philosophy, sociology and psychology used to understand organisations, people and their moral responsibilities and rights. This particular module on business ethics has thought me to have an approach on critical thinking skills by making informal practical judgments based upon knowledge of sound ethical principles and motivations and to analyse and articulate the ethical implications of business policies and decisions.
To help me to develop effective analysis and arguments with the integrated case studies I have considered to focus on Stella Cottrell books...

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